NBA Finals

The question is if Orlando can hold off the paint

With the Clippers looking to make the necessary adjustments to improve their defense they still have the ability with Chris Paul moving the ball to get fast breaks going, the difference is that even with a defender back to help it´s still a fast break for the Clippers because of their dunking power and the defender not wanting to be a laughing stock. Orland has proven they can shoot the ball from 18-20 feet out, but with Glen Davis fighting for the rebounds against the twin towers of the Clippers, someone will have to come help.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Orlando Magic
The Los Angeles Clippers will take on the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.
Starts: 11/06/2013 7:00PM
Amway Center, 400 West Church Street
Orlando, Florida


The Clippers have lost only one game so far and are coming off a great game against state rival Sacramento, now they enter this one with the top ranked offense scoring on average 113 points a game. Their defense still needs some work and consistency but they have glimpses of good ideas. I think that the Clippers are going to want to get out of the gates fast as they normally do but look for them to match up well on the perimeter with the Magic´s defenders.

Orlando have won their first two games at home and they will need all the good vibes they can get because the Clippers are coming ready to dunk all over them, and eventually it will happen to a Magic. If the Magic can keep pressure on the Clippers from half court back they have a chance to set up their defensive sets and rotations, the Clippers love to run that Chris Paul left corner jumper, something that has worked for them so far.

What to expect:

I see the Magic getting their first home loss of the season here because of the lack of inside presence to deal with the LA bigs, especially if they already receive the ball deep in the post. At -7.5 the Clippers will slowly pull away until they have most of their bench playing up by 15+ in the second half, the pick here is the Clippers.

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