Time to step up for the 76ers

The Road Keeps Getting Harder & Harder For The Bulls

The Bulls are coming into this game looking for a momentum builder, a game that allows them to really show themselves off and get some smiles back, they are in a dark place right now and a game like this against a struggling team could just be what they need to kick this funk. The 76ers have lost all signs of life, they are playing for looks like their job, there is no fluency in the way they are playing, it almost seems that they know that this season really means nothing to management and the real fun will start in free agency.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Chicago Bulls
The Philadelphia 76ers take on the Chicago Bulls in an Eastern NBA meeting with coverage on WGNS.
Starts: 01/18/2014 8:00PM
United Center, 1901 West Madison St.
Chicago, Illinois


Philadelphia has really hit bottom with the new injuries and the lack of motivation they look like they go out to collect a pay check, they have no bounce in their step nor do I see and urge in their game. In order for them to even keep this game remotely interesting they have to get to the rim, make some good screens and get their teammates open looks while they feed the paint in zone coverage.

Chicago in my opinion will have a field day in this game, knowing that the 76ers lack all type of momentum they have the ability to knock one out of there park here and get a little of that “swagger” back. Protecting the rock, pushing the tempo and attacking Philadelphia´s it’s under the rim will change the aspect of this game completely. I like the Bulls to take this game by double digits when it’s all said and done.

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