Kyrie Irving NBA All Star MVP

All Stare MVP is from the Cavs Again

Kyrie Irving was a young prospect coming out of Duke University from Australia, he had made a name for himself in college as one of the premier point guards that could not only handle the ball but attack the rim almost without thinking, going from 0 to 100 in a few steps. The Cavaliers had lost LeBron James and were in desperate need of a guy that could not only come in right away and impact the team but who could make others around him better; they needed a point guard that could hold the team on his shoulders. In the 2011 NBA Draft the Cavs had the top choice; they decided to take Irving to start the rebuilding process of their franchise around him.

Kyrie came out with a bang, not only making an instant impact with his team but he was so good that he was named Rookie of the year averaging 18.5 points, 5.4 assists while shooting 49% from the field and 39% from three point land. Things only got better for the young point guard as he increased all his stats in his second year, earning him a backup spot in last season´s All-star game. This year he has really grown into a leader, not only on the court but off it, helping his teammates on certain plays and almost directing their team’s offense fully on his own.

This was the year for Kyrie Irving, this season for the first time he was selected as one of the starters from Team East in the 2014 All-star game, he made an instant splash, scoring 31 points, 14 assists and scored three back to back 3 pointers to seal the win. Not too bad for a 21 year old point guard from Australia. With that performance and everything else he accomplished this season he was named this year’s MVP breaking LeBron James three consecutive MVP awards and edging out Kevin Durant who was a close second with his sniper like scoring ability.

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