Washington Wizards vs. Orlando Magic

Still A Lot To Fight For

The fight is far from over, with just over a week left till the playoffs begin the Wizards are seeded at #7 but just one game ahead of the Bobcats who are playing like someone hoes them money. Atlanta is just outside knocking on the door, and hard. One slip up from anyone of these teams could really change the entire picture. Orlando is third to last and is really not too worried about this game or any other game in the next 10 days or so…

Washington Wizards vs. Orlando Magic
The Washington Wizards take on the Orlando Magic in the NBA, this Friday.
Starts: 04/11/2014 7:00PM
Amway Center, 400 West Church Street


Washington will really want to pounce on this game early, they will want to get themselves going with some good play and excellent passing. Washington is not known for its great ball handling skills although now that Wall is back in the lineup things have gotten better. This team needs to really come out strong and attack the rim, drive the ball against whoever is in the lane, show the Magic that they are not afraid of any defender and eventually the lanes will start to open up.

Orlando is 33 games below .500 and have no chance of ending this season on a positive note. They are currently holding open auditions as these players play their heart off to possibly catch another teams attention as June rolls around the corner. Look for the Magic to more or less get out of the way on defense, hey will not look for the foul but they will try to match the scoring, that really all they can do.

Pick: At this point even with the spread being as high as it is with Washington -11.5 I still recommend them, they are a solid team that needs some self trust as they head to the playoffs knowing they will more than likely have to play one of the power houses of the east in their opening round.


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