The Suns Have Another True Test On The Way

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The Suns Have Another True Test On The Way

The first time these two teams met this season, the Suns had still not found who they really were, they were still playing unorganized ball with not much chemistry, they lost that game in Miami but this time around things are a little different, this Suns teams has exploded on the seen with a true 180 turnaround after a late team meeting conversation. They have been dominating teams left and right while taking the best ones out there and putting them to the test, getting wins over the Pacers, Rockets and Thunder.

NBA – Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns
The odds on favorites to their 3rd NBA Championship in a row, the Miami Heat are taking their talents to Phoenix to take on the Suns.
Starts: 02/11/2014 9:00PM
US Airways Center, 201 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, Arizona


The Heat have had some setbacks with production from their bench but the good news is that Wade is back and looking good on that left knee, LeBron is still a little off on his shoot but for the most part they have played solid basketball. After losing in the Bynum sweepstakes the Heat are even more into getting Oden back on the court ready for the post season, the Heat need him under the rim in this game while the Miami guards will have their hands full defending the League’s best shooting team at 51%, something they already don’t do very well…

Phoenix knows that it must get through Miami know because if a miracle happens and they pull it off to make it to the finals they could very well be playing this team for a Championship, so every game against them is pivotal. This team prides itself on their shooting and no doubt they will continue to look for their shots but I think they might actually try a little more inside game to really shack things up against this Miami team who have major rebounding issues. I have the Suns winning this game by 4+ points and the total surpassing the 202.5 mark.