Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Things Have Been Complicated In Cleveland

Things seem to be going a little stray down in Cleveland after rumors surfaced that there was an altercation in the Cavs locker room between Waiters and Irving. We still have yet to see it unfold on the court but something in that locker room is not going well… the Bucks really could not care less as they are the proud owners of the worst season this year, they find themselves 38 games below .500 and drowning more every day.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks
The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks hit the hard-court tonight in a late season matchup
Starts: 04/11/2014 8:30PM
BMO Harris Bradley Center, 1001 N Fourth St.


Cleveland will not make the post season this year, yet again but things have looked good for them, as they have shown us they are capable of taking on bit teams and finding the way to win. This is without a doubt Kyri Irving’s team, he is the star player and if other have issues with that they become a distraction and in my opinion will not or should not be on this team. Cleveland is looking at big things this coming season with the group they have and the addition s they will get.

The Bucks understand that this season is a total failure but they kind of expected it as they liquidated every one and kept the main core to get through the season. they will have a bundle of cash and space to make some interesting moves this summer. Their problem is attacking the right kind of talent because it’s such a small market, there is not much else there aside from the Packers.

Pick: For this game I have to point you in the obvious direction and now, it’s not the dog again… Cleveland will look to have a little on court scoring battle as Irving shown off what he can do and silently tells the rest of the team to back him up.

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