NBA Playoffs Betting Trends Charlotte Bobcats at Miami Heat

Things Looking Good In Charlotte

Things are looking great for the Bobcats in this game as they are coming off a much better season then their previous three. This team as the opportunity to close their season at .500 which would be a monster improvement for them. Cleveland understands they must win this game, at all costs, they have lost all three games they have played against Charlotte this season and the last thing they need right now is to get swept by a team like the Bobcats.

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
The Charlotte Bobcats and the Cleveland Cavaliers hit the hard-court on Saturday in the NBA.
Starts: 04/05/2014 7:30PM
Quicken Loans Arena, One Center Court


Charlotte has made some moves that has allowed this team to play a little more open, they have the ability now with Jefferson to understand from a veterans perspective what is needed and when. This team really shares responsibility on the floor and they have gotten their help defense back up to par, something that helped them when they are playing teams with better back courts. It is simple, Al Jefferson is the key to this teams success and the other need to feed of him to get better, he scores 21.5 points, and 10.4 rebounds a game.

Cleveland can go out and dominate a playoff team like the Pacers and take the Heat to overtime, they have shown us a games of brilliance where they play flawlessly to earn a big win against a good team but when they have to play these sub-par teams that are not very good they seem to forget everything and walk out with their tail between their legs. This team needs to understand that they need to bring the same intensity to every game, and they need to push themselves to win them all.

Pick: the Cavaliers are -3.5 in this game but I have to admit that I like the Bobcats, they are on a mission to reach that .500 mark and I think they will make it. Take Charlotte in this game.

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