Time for the Nets to wake up and get to work

Time For The Nets To Wake Up And Get To Work

Things just seem to go from bad to worse; for the Oklahoma City Thunder as they are without leading scorer Kevin Durant and now they might be without point guard and second leading scorer Russell Westbrook because of a fractured left hand. The Nets are not in the clear to say the least, they got blown out in their season opener by the Celtics by almost 30 points and their chemistry really is nowhere near where it should be. Both of these teams are looking to play an opponent that would give them an edge and in this one I think they both see they have the better shoot.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Brooklyn Nets
7:30 PM ET, November 3, 2014
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY
Coverage: YES

OKC has other important injuries to deal with as well, making this team at this point grabbing onto anything they can in order to stay afloat in the western conference, the season is just starting so not all is lost but they really need their bench to come alive and step up on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively I think they will be ok, their big man are healthy an actually playing better than I thought for this early in the season but scoring will be a must for everyone player on that squad now no matter what the position.

Brooklyn on the other hand is still waiting for the return of their center piece Brook Lopez who missed all of last season with a foot issue. This team on paper has it all, shooters, rebounders, defensive specialists and guys who can attack the rim, the problem I see is that all of them want to be the star, they all want to be the leader and that makes things difficult at times because where the extra pass would have made all the difference they rather shot the ball with no one there to rebound.

I think that the Nets will find the issues and correct them, they have champions on that squad and they are building well, they need to correct a few things and then go out and attack the Thunder, run at them and never slow down. That will make things much harder on their backups to keep the same pace.


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