Time To Step Up For The 76ers Vs. The Rockets

The Rockets seem like this season is all about proving everyone wrong, they are a force to be respected, although most would agree that might not be the case night in and night out… Philadelphia has a young, inexperienced team that lacks sixe in the paint, they are fast and good in the open floor but scoring or even getting around Howard will not be easy for them given that they have no one that has enough body to post up. Pushing the ball and closing the lanes on defense will be their game plane in this one

Houston Rockets vs. Philadelphia 76ers
7:00 PM ET, November 3, 2014
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
Coverage: CSN

Ball movement for this Rockets team is important, they have a few new faces on their team and I think that it’s important for their point guard to get the correct passing lanes down for his shooters. James Harden by far is this team, they run how he goes, they respond to him and that makes for an interesting combo with Dwight as they both look to stand out as leaders. For Houston to be successful in this game against the 76ers they must use their inside size to their advantage, they need to post up and get the ball inside the paint early.

Philly knows that they have no choice but to burn the Rockets on fast break points or by shooting the ball, being on target is an understatement to what they need to be in this game. Getting hot early however will for the Rockets big’s to step out more and that will open the cutting lanes for the smaller guards. For them to be successful here they need to space the floor and take advantage of the isolation plays, any one on one matchup has to be taken advantage of fort them to stay in this one at home.

As much as I like the 76ers and know that everyone will be playing Houston, I just do not see Philadelphia having what it takes to stop the big man down low, this is one of those games that Howard could get a double, double with points and rebounds.

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