Updated 2015 NBA Championship Odds - Free Agency Frenzy

Updated 2015 NBA Championship Odds – Free Agency Frenzy

With LeBron James making his announcement this past week that he would indeed be taking his talents back to Ohio to play for the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers the 2014-15 NBA Futures Odds are undoubtedly in a state of flux right now.

James’ signing and the domino-like effect it’s had on other free agents across the league have created a virtual free agent frenzy that will undoubtedly alter the direction of some franchises as early as next season.

This expert breakdown of the NBA’s most recent updated 2015 NBA Championship Odds will help you make a bit of sense out of what has been a fast and furious free agent period that is still going on.

First, let’s start with James and the Cleveland Cavaliers since no team in the league made a bigger free agent addition. As you may notice, you’re likely to see three sets of odds for most teams, representing each team’s odds from four weeks ago, then a week and what they currently are.

Updated 2015 NBA Championship Betting Odds

Cleveland Cavaliers (30/1) 10/1 Now (7/2)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that any team with LeBron James on it is instantly better and at the very least, a legitimate contender, if not necessarily the overwhelming favorite.

With James joining Cleveland and the Cavs adding athletically gifted rookie Andrew Wiggins with the No. 1 overall pick to go along with all-star point guard Kyrie Irving, oddsmakers everywhere have quickly changed their tune on Cleveland’s – and Miami’s chances.

Many sportsbooks had the Cavs as either 30-1 or 40-1 favorites about six weeks ago. Those odds changed to approximately 12-1 or 10-1 at some books just over a week ago when word got out that James may be rejoining the Cavs. Following his announcement late last week, Cleveland’s odds could be found at 3-1 by Friday.

How the Cavs could be league title favorites over a San Antonio squad that just won it all and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – or even over an Oklahoma City Thunder team that also looks like they’re going to be very real next season, is beyond me. While I believe the Cavs are at least another year away from really being a legitimate title contender, it’s not unrealistic to think Cleveland could contend for the Eastern Conference crown this coming season.

San Antonio Spurs 15/4 (11/2) Now 9/2

The Spurs may have had the best free agency period of all, though no one talks about Tim Duncan not opting out of his contract to come back for another run at the title and sweet-shooting Patty Mills re-signing.

Oklahoma City Thunder 9/2 Now 13/2

The Thunder added sweet shooter Anthony Morrow just a couple of days ago to help with perimeter shooting after parting ways with defensive-minded two-guard Thabo Sefalosha. I say that’s nice and everything, but it’s too bad they didn’t get a big man that can score in the low post!

Chicago Bulls 17/2 (11/1) Now 13/2

The Bulls are adding veteran big man Pau Gasol this offseason and I believe he will help Chicago challenge for the conference crown this coming season – if Derrick Rose doesn’t get hurt again that is. Veteran swingman Anthony Randolph also joins Chicago for next season.

Houston Rockets 12/1 (15/1) Now 10/1

The Rockets are set to add swingman Trevor Ariza after striking out during the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. Houston also let small forward walk in free agency to Dallas (idiotic move) while trading away both, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to clear up salary cap space.

Los Angeles Clippers 9/1 (8/1) Now 10/1

The additions of veterans Jordan Farmar and Spencer Hawes will more than offset the loss of veteran guard Willie Green.

Indiana Pacers 13/1 (11/1) Now 20/1

The Pacers re-signed backup big man LaVoy Allen, though I say he should still be playing for his hometown Sixers.

Golden State Warriors 26/1 (25/1) Now 20/1

The Warriors lost veteran backup point guard Steve Blake but made a great addition by signing veteran combo guard Shaun Livingston

Miami Heat 7/2 (3/1) Now 25/1

The addition of NCAA title-winning point guard Shabazz Napier was an excellent pick, but um….you failed to resign the game’s best player in LeBron James. Center Chris Bosh is set to return, but no one knows what D-Wade is going to do at this point.

New York Knicks 60/1 (40/1) Now 33/1

The Knicks parted ways with Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton and added veterans Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Wayne Ellington and second-year point guard Shane Larkin.

Portland Trail Blazers 22/1 (20/1) Now 33/1

The Blazers made a pair of mostly quiet, but nevertheless, very good additions by signing veterans Steve Blake and Chris Kaman.

Washington Wizards 32/1 (30/1)

The Wizards added veteran small forward Paul Pierce and re-signed big man Marcin Gortat.

Dallas Mavericks 45/1 (30/1) Now 33/1

The Mavericks have had a fine free agency period simply by adding the multi-faceted Chandler Parsons and resigning both, Dirk Nowitzki and Devin Harris. Adding a little bit of sugar on top of those signings is the additions of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton. The loss of Vince Carter will sting a bit, until Parsons suits up that is.

Los Angeles Lakers 45/1 (40/1) Now 50/1

The Lakers acquired point guard Jeremy Lin via a trade with Houston and he should start right away in L.A., though the losses of Jordan Farmar and Chris Kaman could hurt them at some point.

Memphis Grizzlies 45/1 (30/1) Now 50/1

The Grizzlies added veteran swingman Vince Carter in a surprise move and resigned Z-Bo. That’s a win by anyone’s estimation.

Toronto Raptors 50/1 (40/1) Now 50/1

The Raptors re-signed three of their own veterans, including Kyle Lowry and added sweet-shooting guard Lou Williams. Toronto also traded veterans Steve Novak and John Salmons.

Brooklyn Nets 38/1 (25/1) Now 66/1

The Nets lost veterans, Shaun Livingston and Paul Pierce but added Jarret Jack and Sergei Karasev. Sounds like a loss to me.

New Orleans Pelicans 55/1 (50/1) Now 66/1

The Pelicans are doing a great job of building their team and now have Omer Asik and Alonzo gee to add to their already solid core or Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday.

Phoenix Suns 55/1 (75/1) Now 66/1

Phoenix added highly underrated point guard Isaiah Thomas via a trade and that will help this team more than they realize, though I wonder why the Suns would acquire another point guard when they already have two all-star caliber ones on their roster.

Atlanta Hawks 75/1 Now 75/1

Atlanta added veteran swingmen Thabo Sefalosha and John Salmons and parted ways with shooting guard Lou Williams.

Boston Celtics 60/1 (50/1) Now 75/1

The Celtics quietly added veteran Marcus Thornton and young big man Tyler Zeller via a trade with new Jersey.

Charlotte Hornets 70/1 (75/1) Now 75/1

The Hornets added swingman Scotty Hopson and parted ways with center Brendan Haywood and forward Dwight Powell.

Denver Nuggets 55/1 (50/1) Now 75/1

The Nuggets parted ways with Evan Fournier and Anthony Randolph but added excellent shooting guard Aaron Afflalo, which to me, is a huge win for the Nuggets.

Detroit Pistons 77/1 (50/1) Now 150/1

The Pistons added head coach Stan Van Gundy to right their horribly off course ship.

Minnesota Timberwolves 70/1 (65/1) Now 150/1

The T-Wolves are just biding their time – until they find a suitable trade partner to move Kevin Love to.

Milwaukee Bucks 240/1 (200/1) Now 200/1

The Bucks haven’t been quite able to entice anyone to go there – just yet.

Orlando Magic 175/1 (150/1) Now 200/1

The Magic parted ways with Aaron Afflalo, Doron Lamb, Jason Maxiell and Jameer Nelson and added three guards in veterans, Ben Gordon, Willie Green and Evan Fournier. What the…?

Philadelphia 76ers 220/1 (200/1) 200/1

Unfortunately, LeBron James didn’t accept Joel Embiid’s offers to join him in Philly.

Sacramento Kings 135/1 (150/1) now 200/1

The Kings apparently don’t have a clue after moving their second-best player last season, point guard Isaiah Thomas and not replacing him as of yet.

Utah Jazz 1601/ (150/1) Now 200/1

The Jazz added sweet-shooting veteran sniper Steve Novak and parted ways with reserve Diante Garrett.

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