Updated 2016 NBA Championship Odds

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Updated 2016 NBA Championship Odds

The amazing, incomparable, Golden State Warriors continue to tear it up in the NBA. The Warriors, as of Feb. 5, are an unbelievable 45 and 4. What’s even crazier is that Golden State is 30-18-1 against the spread.

Usually, a team with as much success as Golden State straight up will start losing against the spread. That hasn’t happened. The odds makers are still having trouble setting betting lines for Warriors’ games. When it comes to winning the NBA Championship, Steph and his guys present a dilemma for me. I can’t back the Warriors at their current odds to win the NBA Championship. We’re not even at the halfway point and Golden State is already less than a 2 to 1 chalk. Below are my rankings.

Who Are The Odds On Favorites To Win The 2016 NBA Championship?

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 12-1 – In handicapping this Saturday’s huge game between Golden State and Oklahoma City yesterday, I discovered something about the Golden State Warriors. In order to beat them, you have to fight their fire with your fire. Oklahoma City is one of the only teams in the NBA that has a player, 2 actually, which are comparable to Steph Curry. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook can play against Curry one on one. Also, nobody on Golden State’s team, or on any team in the NBA, can guard Durant and Westbrook one on one. The Thunder could pull a Jordan-Pippen led Bulls type shocker over the Warriors in the playoffs.
  2. Golden State Warriors 6-5 – It’s impossible to put the Warriors lower on my power rankings list. San Antonio is great. But, there is nobody outside of Oklahoma City who has the necessary one or two players to counter Curry’s greatness. The Warriors are one of the best NBA teams of all time. It’s rare to find a basketball team that has both a great offense and a great defense.
  3. San Antonio Spurs 3-1 – Greg Popovich’s team leads the NBA in both field goal percentages on offense at 49% and is second in the NBA in field goal percentage allowed on defense at 43%. Opponents average a ridiculous 91.3 points per game against the Spurs’ D. That’s tops in the NBA. Still, the 90 to 120 loss to the Warriors on Jan. 25 was ugly.
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers 5/2 – It looked like Tyronn Lue was the better choice as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But, then, the Cavs dropped a game in Charlotte 97 to 106 on Feb. 3 and the questions started coming up again. The bottom line is that the odds are just too low on Cleveland to win the NBA Championship. Sure, they are the choice in the Eastern Conference, but they’ll have to face the Warriors, Spurs, or Thunder in the NBA Finals. I don’t see them beating any of those three teams.
  5. Chicago Bulls 20-1 – The Bulls don’t exactly constitute value at 30 to 1. 30 to 1 are high odds and Chicago seems like one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. But, getting by Cleveland in the East won’t be easy. Not only that, it’s hard to imagine the Bulls beating Oklahoma City, San Antonio or Golden State 4 times in a 7 game series.
  6. Los Angeles Clippers2-=1 – I’m just not sold on the Clippers. Chris Paul might be the best point guard in the NBA. Unfortunately, maturity is an issue with this team. Whenever maturity issues arise, and Blake Griffin punching an equipment manager is a maturity issue, you have to look at the coach. Doc Rivers coached three veteran hall of famers in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in Boston who could keep the loose cannon, Rajon Rondo, under control. He doesn’t have that in L.A. The fact that the Clippers even show up on my power rankings list tells you how much lack of depth that there is in the NBA is this season.   

The Complete 2016 NBA Championship Odds

Warriors 6-5
Cavaliers 5-2
Spurs 3-1
Thunder 12-1
Clippers 20-1
Bulls 20-1
Raptors 20-1
Pacers 40-1
Hawks 40-1
Heat 50-1
Celtics 50-1
Rockets 100-1
Grizzlies 100-1
Wizards 100-1
Pistons 200-1
Knicks 200-1
Mavericks 300-1
Jazz 300-1
Hornets 500-1
Kings 500-1
Pelicans 500-1
Trail Blazers 500-1
Bucks 1000-1
Magic 2000-1
Timberwolves 9999-1
Suns 9999-1
Nuggets 9999-1
Nets 9999-1
Lakers XX
76ers XX