Updated Odds To Win The 2015 NBA Championship

Updated Odds To Win The 2015 NBA Championship

Could the tilt between the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs last Thursday night be a preview of the NBA Championship finals? Kyrie Irving’s 57 points lifted the Cavs to a 128-125 overtime victory.

With the playoffs just over a month away, odds are LeBron James, Kevin Love, Irving and the Cavs could face Gregg Popovich’s San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals for a third consecutive year.

A Closer Look At The Updated Odds To Win The 2015 NBA Championship

  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 2/1 – The Cavaliers are at 2/1 to win the NBA Championship. Hey, they’ve been great since the All-Star Break, but they’re likely to have to go through Atlanta and then go through Golden State or take on the Spurs. Either way, they’re a bad bet at the odds because after Kyrie, they’re awfully creaky with Love’s bad back and all of the miles on Lebron’s wheels.

  • Golden State Warriors – 2/1 – The odds should be close to even money. 2/1 makes them an excellent wager. They’ve got the best guard tandem in the league with Stephen Curry, who should be the MVP, and Klay Thompson. Plus, they’re deep. Everybody on Steve Kerr’s bench plays close to 10 minutes a game.
  • San Antonio Spurs – 6/1 – Talk about a hot team. San Antonio is 17 and 4 in their last 21 games. If you don’t believe in the Warriors, this is the team to back. At 6 to 1, there are worse stabs in the world.
  • Atlanta Hawks – 12/1 – Atlanta is an overlay at 12 to 1. The Hawks are almost unbeatable at home and they’re going to get home court advantage throughout the playoffs. The Hawks are 3 and 1 versus the Cavaliers this season.
  • Chicago Bulls – 12/1 – Rose should be back this week. He’ll definitely help Chicago in the playoffs, but all roads have to go through Atlanta. Expect higher odds than this if you like them to win the championship.
  • Houston Rockets – 16/1 – With Harden, they’ll have a shot. The problem is that the Spurs and Golden State have separated themselves from the rest of the West. Houston’s going to need a lot of luck to beat either San Antonio or Golden State in the playoffs.
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 16/1 – The defense is fantastic, but the offense can’t keep up. Memphis only scores 98.4 points per game. Will they be willing to compromise their style and try and run with a team like Golden State or San Antonio in the playoffs?  If they don’t, they won’t get close to the NBA Championship.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – 20/1 – As far as dogs are concerned, this is the one that has the best bark. The leader of this team, Chris Paul, has been unbelievable. He’s averaging 19 points, close to 5 boards, and 10 assists per game. Plus, Blake Griffin is well-rested after taking all of those days off due to the staph infection.
  • Dallas Mavericks – 33/1 – Dallas is in a bad position. The team doesn’t score enough points in order to keep up with the best offensive teams in the NBA. The Mavs’ defense isn’t good enough to keep the best offensive teams in the NBA from scoring. The Rondo trade has been a disappointment to say the least.
  • Portland Trailblazers – 40/1 – Portland has a shot to make some noise in the playoffs, but it’s difficult to see them winning the West over Golden State, the Clippers or the Spurs. The odds are fair, though, so those wanting to take a shot should do so. 
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