Updated Post-Regular Season Odds to Win The 2015 NBA Championship

Updated Post-Regular Season Odds to Win The 2015 NBA Finals

The defending NBA champion San Antonio Spurs have been hearing the same argument from the haters for years.

The Spurs are too old. Tim Duncan’s 38, Manu Ginobili’s 37 and Tony Parker’s 32

Too slow.

Too boring.

Not flashy.

Can’t play in the new NBA.

Duncan isn’t the same, and neither are Manu or Parker.

Kawhi Leonard hasn’t improved after winning the Finals MVP last year.

They’ve never won back-to-back championships.

But like clockwork, the Spurs are peaking. San Antonio has put up 11 consecutive W’s, the longest current streak in the NBA, and now sit perched on the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference with one game left in the regular season.

The six-week victory blitzkrieg through playoff teams like Golden State, Houston (twice), Atlanta and Memphis has also improved San Antonio’s odds to repeat as NBA Champions. The latest odds have moved the Spurs up from 5-1 to 7-2, with only the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers at 11-5 ranked better.

A Closer Look At The Updated Post-Regular Season Odds to Win The 2015 NBA Championship

  • Golden State Warriors – 11/5
    Golden State is offering better odds than they should to win the NBA Championship. It’s doubtful that anybody is going to match up well enough with Curry and Thompson to end the Warriors playoff run early.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 11/5
    The odds make the Cavs an underlay. LeBron, K-Love and Kyrie Irving are all great, but too much emphasis is being put into LeBron’s ability to take over a game. Cleveland is a terrific squad, but they won’t have home court advantage versus Atlanta in the playoffs.
  • San Antonio Spurs – 7/2
    The Spurs are on a roll. They won 21 out of their last 25 regular season games. That’s good, but this is the playoffs. Can San Antonio match up with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul in the first round?  Maybe, they can, but the odds are awfully short on the defending champs to do so.
  • Atlanta Hawks – 12/1
    12/1 is a gift on this team. The Hawks secured the number one seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs for a reason. They can play inside or outside and nobody, with the exception of Golden State, will make more three point shots in a contest than Atlanta.
  • Chicago Bulls – 12/1
    The injury bug appears to have taken hold of the Bulls. The problem has to do with Derrick Rose who isn’t 100%. That’s not good because eventually, Chicago will have to face either the Hawks or Cleveland or both.
  • Houston Rockets – 16/1
    As long as they have James Harden, they’ll have a shot. The Rockets also get somewhat of a pass in the first round because they play the Dallas Mavericks. Houston beat Dallas in 3 out of 4 matchups during the regular season.
  • Los Angeles Clippers – 18/1
    Griffin and Paul makes them dangerous. They’re also hot. The Clilppers ended the regular season winning 9 out of their final 10 games. The odds make them an overlay as well. It’s tough to argue with anyone willing to take a shot on LAC to win the NBA Championship.
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 28/1
    Mike Conley is day-to-day meaning that Memphis could lose their first round series matchup to the Portland Trailblazers. The betting odds seem about right, though. So, if you believe, go for it.
  • Portland Trailblazers – 40/1
    With LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lilliard playing for them, Portland will have a shot to make it to at least the second round. Then, the lack of Wesley Matthews and a less than 100% Nicolaus Batum is going to end this team’s playoff run.
  • Dallas Mavericks – 40/1
    The Rondo trade has turned into a disaster when you think of it. Dallas just doesn’t match up well with Houston in the first round. If you bet on the Mavericks to win the NBA Championship this season, you are either a fan or you’re buddies with Mark Cuban.
  • Toronto Raptors – 50/1
    They just don’t play defense well enough to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, much less the NBA Championship. Kyle Lowry is a great point-guard, but the rest of the team doesn’t appear capable of continuous great play. That’s an issue.
  • Washington Wizards – 75/1
    John Wall should carry this squad to the second round. After that, there isn’t a whole lot to like. On any given night, Washington can beat the best teams in the NBA. Now, beating one of the best teams in the NBA in a 7 game series doesn’t seem likely.
  • Boston Celtics – 150/1 –
    The Celtics are just happy to have made it to the playoffs. They’re a young, hungry, team that in reality will be outmatched in every series. It would be a surprise to see them win a game versus Cleveland in the first round.
  • New Orleans Pelicans – 150/1
    It’s nice to see Anthony Davis, one of the best players in the NBA, make it to the playoffs. New Orleans relies too much on Davis, though, and that will be their downfall. The Pelicans are a bigger long shot than the 150 to 1 odds.
  • Milwaukee Bucks – 250/1
    Milwaukee has a better chance of winning the NBA Championship than New Orleans does. They play in the weaker conference, the East, and they match up very well with their first round opponent, Chicago. If you’re looking to bet on a triple digit odds team, the Bucks are that team.
  • Brooklyn Nets – 200/1
    It makes no sense why Brooklyn is only at 200 to 1 to win the NBA Championship. This squad doesn’t have much going for it. While the Pelicans had to beat San Antonio to get to the playoffs, Brooklyn only had to beat Orlando.   
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