The Golden State Warriors visit the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Warriors will try and halt the T-Wolves

The Warriors will bring their fast paced offensive shooting style to Minnesota when they play the Wolves and a great matchup to look for will be the point guards, Stephan Curry will take on Ricky Rubio who has been on fire recently. This game will show us how good the Timberwolves really are; to better a team like Golden State gives it that extra spice. Splitting defenders and posting up for the reverse sky hook are all the different things we can see in this game.

Golden State Warriors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
The Golden State Warriors visit the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday.
Starts: 11/06/2013 9:00PM
Target Center, 600 North 1st Ave.
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Golden State looks to really show off their new post attack, playing the ball down low out of the gate is not the norm for this team but it allows them to move freely to an open spot and get the pass for their shot. I think that head coach Mark Jackson will motivate his players because they are the better team, but they are also the dog and who is Minnesota again…?

The Timberwolves are slowly making a name for themselves with their great defense and excellent rebounding skills to frustrate any opponent. I would like to see Minnesota establishing their outside game before taking the ball down low, I want to see them create off the dribble from the top of the key and get that momentum thing going.

What to expect:

Expect the Warriors to steal this game in the last minutes; I really think that the Timberwolves will frustrate Warriors enough to where they change the play walking up the court. Take the Timberwolves +3.5 on their home floor, it well be a close one for sure.

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