Must Bet On NBA Teams

This Week’s Must Bet On NBA Teams

I’ve got three, absolute must bet on NBA teams for you and some warning shots for those that might not be aware that some recent streakers have gone ice cold at the table.

Indiana Pacers (28-12 ATS)

They’re still the best spread busting team in the NBA, are 12-6 ATS on the road and have already kick started their five game road trip with a decisive victory over Golden State. If you haven’t been betting on them already, you are missing one of the best, grinding teams in the league. I shouldn’t have to explain this. Keep leaning on the Pacers and they will reward you. It’s that simple.

Upcoming Games: @ Phoenix (1/22), @ Sacramento (1/24), @ Denver (1/25)

Oklahoma City Thunder (24-18 ATS)

I mean, if you’re not watching Kevin Durant this month then something’s wrong with you. He’s averaging 36.1 points per game in the month of January and just dropped 54 on Golden State and 46 on Portland. In the process, Oklahoma City has gone 7-3 ATS in their last 10 games. The oddsmakers are crippled here – they don’t know if Durant’s ever going to cool off but they can’t stack the line against him without Westbrook in the mix. That’s why Oklahoma City is one of the must bet on NBA teams this week. Just watch Durant go.

Upcoming Games: @ SA (1/22), @ Boston (1/24), @ Philadelphia (1/25)

Dallas Mavericks (24-19 ATS)

Wait….HUH?! You’re damn right I’m putting the old, timey Dallas Mavericks up in here as one of the must bet on NBA teams! They are not a complete team by an stretch, but they are amongst the most outright competitive in the Western Conference. They’re also 5-2 ATS in their last 7 games, and a blistering 15-7 ATS on the road. Cuban’s Island of Misfit Toys can score in bunches at any given moment and though they are horrifying on the defensive side, I love that they can put up buckets. Their 104.0 points per game is 7th best in the entire league and is worth riding throughout the remainder of the week.

Upcoming Games: @ Toronto (1/22), @ Brooklyn (1/24), vs. Detroit (1/26)


The Toronto Raptors exploded on an epic 15-3 ATS cover run since the Rudy Gay trade, and even then nobody gave a damn because it’s the Toronto Raptors. The weirdest part is that they’re actually an enjoyable team to watch. Unfortunately, things have been spiraling downhill for the temperamental Raptors and this is really the way that they play. They spark for these beautifully long stretches and cement themselves as a must bet on NBA team. But then the candle burns out and never gets lit up again. Toronto is in a 1-3 SU and ATS run and have fallen apart defensively. They’re not to be trusted now despite their recent success. And they’re still good enough to be better than you’d might expect. I wouldn’t call them a bet-off play, but they’re definitely a stay away. There are too many unknowns.

In fact, the real reason that the Raptors are atop the Atlantic Division is because this group is trying to cave in on itself. Another team that seemed to be developing after a brutal slump was the New York Knicks, who ripped off an awesome little 5-1 SU and 6-0 ATS stretch after stinking up Madison Square Gardens and wherever they travelled to. Well guess what happened? The streaky Knicks have gone just 1-4 SU and 0-5 ATS in their last 5 games. Do not touch these guys with a $10 pole.

The last team that gets a warning shot is none other than the Golden State Warriors, who are a tipsy 2-4 SU and 1-5 ATS in their last 6 matchups. They’ve faced a stacked schedule lately and have a four game set at home before visiting Utah to finish the month. This is probably a decent time to mention that Golden State is just 6-11-1 ATS at home. They’re still an insanely entertaining team, but they’re simply not amongst the must bet on NBA teams right now.

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