Las Vegas Odds On Who Will Win the 2016 NBA Championship

Who Will Win the 2016 NBA Championship

The 2015-2016 NBA Season kicks on Tuesday, October 27th. Teams have done most of their hard work. The rookies (hopefully!) have become acclimated. It’s time to get down to business and take a look at the top 10 squads that have a shot at winning the 2016 NBA Championship. Click here for more NBA odds & info.

Although a lot of basketball analysts are jumping on the Cleveland bandwagon, Cleveland does not end up at the top of my NBA Championship Power rankings. There is a great chance that Cleveland ends up winning it all but for these rankings, San Antonio starts out on top. Read below to find out why!   

Las Vegas Odds On Who Will Win the 2016 NBA Championship

San Antonio +300

Usually, San Antonio makes small changes year in and year out to stay competitive. This time, the Spurs made a huge splash by signing LaMarcus Aldridge away from Portland. The Kawhai Leonard, Aldridge and Tim Duncan front line is the best in the NBA.

Cleveland +275

Hopes are high for Lebron’s team after last season. The Cavs might have the best starting 5 in the NBA if Timofey Mozgov improves and the injuries to Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving don’t hold them back

Chicago Bulls +2000

When it comes to the NBA Championship, there are only two teams in the Eastern Conference that can win it all, Cleveland and Chicago. The Bulls are every bit as good as Oklahoma City, Houston, Memphis and the Clippers this season. The key, as always, is the health of Derrick Rose. If the former MVP is finally over all of his nagging injuries, Chicago could beat Cleveland in the East. If not?  Oh, well, another wasted year for Bulls’ fans.

Oklahoma City +850

The one thing that Coach Billy Donovan is known for is teaching team defense. Expect Oklahoma City to really pick it up on the defensive end. Russell Westbrook is going to love having Kevin Durant back on the court. Also, expect Durant to tear it up this season. He missed almost all of last season and KD has too much pride not to go for another MVP year.

Golden State +500

The big question with the Warriors is whether or not their brand of basketball will be as effective in the 2015-2016 NBA Season as it was in the 2014-2015 NBA Season. If it is, they’ll leapfrog Oklahoma City on these ranking, no problem. If it isn’t, GS could fall dramatically.

Los Angeles Clippers +1000

Is Paul Pierce that missing piece that will bring a championship to L.A.’s Senior Basketball Team?  Piece has a ton of experience, but whether the Clipps win a championship or not is going to come down to how well Chris Paul and Blake Griffin dominate on the court. Those two guys have to really step it up come playoff time.

Houston Rockets +1600

James Harden is on a mission this season. That’s a good thing if you’re a Rockets’ fan. But, as was the case last season, the Rockets don’t appear to have enough of a bench to go all the way. The injury to Howard during the playoffs really did affect Houston’s chances.

Memphis Grizzlies +3300

The Grizzlies’ defense puts them ahead of the Clippers in the rankings from my perspective. The addition of Matt Barnes is going to really help the Grizzlies on the scoring end. Mike Conley has to be healthy come playoff time. If he is, Memphis can go a long way.  

Atlanta Hawks +5000

It’s tough to back the Hawks to do much of anything other than getting back to the playoffs. The NBA is a much more individual game than either baseball, unless you count pitchers, or football. The Hawks showed that once they got to the playoffs, they didn’t have enough confidence in any single player to take charge. Who will take charge this season? Atlanta remains in that Washington, Atlanta, Toronto tier of teams in the Eastern Conference behind the Cavs and Bulls.

Washington Wizards +5500

The Wizards show up on the power rankings for one reason and one reason only:  John Wall. Wall is such a talented player that he could will this team to the NBA Finals…with some help. But, where will that help come from?   

2016 NBA Championship Odds

The Cavaliers are the odds-on favorites to win next season’s NBA championship, according to the Las Vegas SuperBook.

  • Cavaliers 9-4
  • Warriors 5-1
  • Thunder 5-1
  • Clippers 10-1
  • Spurs 12-1
  • Bulls 12-1
  • Hawks 20-1
  • Pelicans 20-1
  • Rockets 20-1
  • Wizards 30-1
  • Pacers 30-1
  • Grizzlies 30-1
  • Heat 30-1
  • Blazers 40-1
  • Mavericks 40-1
  • Knicks 80-1
  • Celtics 80-1
  • Bucks 80-1
  • Pistons 80-1
  • Jazz 80-1
  • Suns 80-1
  • Lakers 80-1
  • Nuggets 80-1
  • Kings 100-1
  • Nets 100-1
  • 76ers 200-1
  • Magic 200-1
  • Wolves 200-1
  • Hornets 200-1
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