Will the Lakers Ever See The Big W?

Will the Lakers Ever See The Big W?

Nash is out for the season and that’s a fact for the Lakers, now they have to place their full trust in Jeremy Lin who either way was going to be the starter for this team at point. Many people have given guard Kobe Bryant the cold back that he is too old, not good enough or just plan past his time, I will not accept that, and this is coming from a Celtics fan. Yes, I believe in Kobe, he has done so much that he is owed the benefit of the doubt. The Warriors are younger, faster and have a better all around team, no one doubts that, but how much heart do they have knowing it could all be over tomorrow, that’s what the Lakers have.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors
10:30 PM ET, November 3, 2014
ORACLE Arena, Oakland, CA
Coverage: NBATV

Los Angeles was once the power house along with Boston of the NBA, but because of a few players not panning out and the departure of Howard and now Gasol people have written them off. I think this game will be close, Lin has a unique ability to get to the rim and make something happen, Kobe can take any defender to school even on his worst day and the rest are key play makers that all have been given the chance to step up and make themselves known. The Lakers will not match the Warriors in three pointers but they will over power them in the post, with a few trick plays here and there they will keep it close

Golden State is one of those teams that just make the game of basketball look easy, they vibe great together, they feed of each other’s every and they attack the rim like a lion hunting a gazelle. This team is used to being on top in games, having to fight back is not their strong part, if they are off target, those are the games they fall in because they lack of a consistent defense and a half court trap makes them vulnerable late in games if the other team hears up

I have a surprising win from the Lakers in this game as the dog, over powering the young Warriors late in this game as Kobe has a stellar night on the court. Take the plus money on LA, you’ll see… I’m right on this one


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