Will the Pelicans Live Up To The Hype?

Will the Pelicans live up to the hype?

Will the Pelicans Live Up To The Hype?

Many people see the Pelicans as one of those teams that just has not had the right ingredient, they have what they need to keep the games close but something is missing for them to close them out, while the Grizzlies seem to be just fine at closing games out but falling behind early is the issue at hand, they open games having to fight back in the second half making things complicated for them and much harder to practice their set formations. These are two shooting teams that enjoy playing shot for shot so I expect a good shooting seminar from both franchises.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Memphis Grizzlies
8:00 PM ET, November 3, 2014
FedEx Forum, Memphis, TN
Coverage: TSOH

New Orleans knows that they have to push themselves more this season, they showed last year that they have the skilled guys in the right positions and that they have the ability to stay with the best of them. Consecration in my opinion is their main problem, bad fouls late in games that set them back as well as falling back only on their shooting ability has limited them in the past as the games are closing out. Ball movement would give the Pelicans a little more visibility for they want to accomplish as well as help with some motivating points down low.

Memphis is experienced, older but much wiser, this team like’s to find the matchup problem and attack it, once the opponent fixed is they start looking for the next one and that is how they play offense, very calculating. They also space the floor with rotation passes to the top of the key, using their power forward on the high post allows the ball to go in and out of the paint looking for the cutting guard with ease.

I have to say that I like Memphis in this game because of their experience and their ability to stay calm, rotate the ball and attack the rim at will. This team will be surprised at the Pelicans ability to defend but I don’t think that will last all game long.