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Yet another hard task for the struggling Knicks

Things really have not gone the way the Knicks expected when the season started, opening with a win only to lose not only their last four games but their starting center Tyson Chandler to an injured ankle, it is expected he will miss 4-6 weeks. The Spurs are back to their usual winning selves as they have their center back Tim Duncan from chest pains. This game will be the game that competes with the NFL so don’t expect to many places outside of New York to have it, but if you feel the need to drop a little side bet on it these are my thoughts.

San Antonio Spurs vs. New York Knicks
12:00 PM ET, November 10, 2013
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Coverage: MSG

The Knicks are struggling because they turn the ball over too much, they are shooting themselves in the foot late in games, they commit too many fouls and Carmelo Anthony needs to stop being their nice facilitator and start taking the ball to the hole looking for the foul at worst. They have struggled from the charity line and their perimeter defense is not very good, especially when they play zone. I expect more man coverage against the Spurs because of their speed and inside the paint game.

San Antonio has dominated every opponent they have played inside, Duncan and Parker have really led this team moving the ball and looking for the open shooter, Green has also stepped up big draining big time three pointers to keep them in the game in crucial moments. The Spurs most excel on defense, they play a set defense based on what the other team is looking to do, if the plan is to work the ball from the paint, they play zone man, if it´s the perimeter shot, they spread out, staying with their guy.

What to expect:

The Spurs will come in to Madison Square garden and take out the Knicks, they have too much offense e and their bench is playing very well, as long as they keep their shooting up, New York will really have to push their guys to defend Tim and that is the match up San Antonio will look to exploit. Take the Spurs in this one, they will get the start of Texas a win on Sunday.

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