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2014 March Madness Best Under Teams

Locking in on the best under teams means dialing down on the strongest defense in the countries. Some of the big name programs have been consistent under hammers this year, and I don’t expect anything to change for these teams in the 2014 March Madness tournament.

2014 March Madness Best Under Teams

UConn Huskies (10-21 O/U)

Where the Huskies have faulted is on offence where they don’t have many weapons out of utility point man Shabazz Napier. And where their offense has stuttered, their defense has kept them alive. They’ve averaged just 63.1 points against, which is one of the best averages in that regard in terms of ranked teams. In 2014 March Madness, UConn’s defensive focus will help them be a strong UNDER play as long as they avoid the long teams longer teams like Florida, Kentucky and Louisville (who pounds them all the time). The Huskies have been slotted in to the West Region and can avoid most of those teams for now.

Florida Gators (9-20-1 O/U)

The best team in the country is one of the best under teams around and that’s no coincidence. The Gators are definitely the team to beat in 2014 March Madness and that’s going to be tough considering how amazing they are defensively. They’re technically the third best defensive team in the country with just 57.9 points against, but they’re the strongest team on that side of the court overall. A towering frontcourt bolstered by senior Patric Young makes Florida a formidable force of nature in the bracket and they’ll use their incredible defensive prowess to smother teams and burn up the under often.

Arizona Wildcats (10-20-2 O/U)

The Wildcats have suffered a handful of unnerving upsets this season, and all of those have come when their defense falls apart. But that doesn’t happen often. The Wildcats are ranked 5th defensively overall and are fantastic at dominating the boards, which limits second chance points. I mean, I’m as suspect of Arizona as an overall play as anyone else, but their consistency against the total makes them one of the best under teams regardless of how you feel about their chances long term in the 2014 March Madness bracket.

San Diego State Aztecs (7-22 O/U)

This team comes with a buyer beware warning, largely because they play in the offensively inept Mountain West Conference. That’s a big reason why San Diego state ranked second in the country with 56.6 points against. It’s an astounding number, but it’s also probably going to skyrocket as they face stiffer competition in the tournament. A list of the best under teams in 2014 March Madness is incomplete without the Aztecs, but I’m not as sold on their defensive capabilities overall as they prepare to face the best teams in the country.