Best Odds To Win The 2014 NCAA Tournament – South Region Update

The 2014 March Madness Betting Stats You Need To Know

Sure, there are over 60 teams entered in the annual NCAA March Madness college basketball championship tournament each and every year, but in reality, how many of those teams have realistic chances of winning it all? A half-dozen…or maybe a dozen at most.

The quest to win the 2014 NCAA championship is no different, which leads me to doling out some very realistic advice for hoops gamblers looking to nail these fun-filled and always value-packed championship Futures odds.

Rule No. 1 is to try to ‘keep it real’ when placing your futures odds bets. Only one team can win it all, so picking 15 teams that could do so is going way overboard…unless you’ve got the ‘cheddar’ to lay on all 15 teams.

No, everyone needs to simplify their picks and take their top two selections – and one dark horse – for each region, narrowing the total number of teams in the field to approximately a dozen.

Now, depending on just which teams you like, the region they’re in – and the ones that have the best realistic chances of actually cashing in – you can narrow this field even further, let’s say, to somewhere in the neighborhood of a half-dozen.

The next step to successful championship futures odds betting is to pore over each of your ‘contenders’ statistics, while paying particular attention to each teams’ defense.

Sure, high-scoring offenses and athletic high-flying dunkers are fun to watch, but as I always remind family, friends and betting enthusiasts across the globe – it is defense, not high-scoring offense, that wins championships – generally, in every sport to boot!

Having said that, let’s take a look at both, the futures odds to win it all and some of the best defensive teams in the 2014 NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament.

Current NCAA Tournament Betting Odds

  • Florida +400 
  • Michigan State +450 
  • Arizona    +700 
  • Louisville    +550 
  • Kansas    +850 
  • Wichita State    +1200
  • Duke    +1200 
  • Syracuse    +1600 
  • Virginia    +1000 
  • Wisconsin    +2200 
  • Creighton    +3000 
  • Iowa State    +2200 
  • Michigan    +2200 
  • UCLA    +3500 
  • Villanova    +2500 
  • Kentucky    +2800 
  • North Carolina    +3000 
  • Oklahoma State    +3500 
  • Oklahoma    +7000 
  • San Diego State    +4000 
  • UConn    +5000 
  • Ohio State    +6000 
  • Baylor    +8000 
  • Cincinnati    +6000 
  • New Mexico    +7000 
  • Oregon    +7000 
  • Pittsburgh    +5000 
  • VCU    +7000 
  • Memphis    +7500 
  • Gonzaga    +8500 
  • Iowa    +6000 
  • Providence    +15000 
  • Saint Joseph’s    +15000 
  • Dayton    +25000 
  • Harvard    +50000 
  • North Carolina State    +20000 
  • Field (Any Other Team)    +10000

Each of these NCAA March Madness Tournament participants ranked in the top 50 nationally in points allowed.

1. Virginia 55.3
2. San Diego St. 56.6
3. Florida 57.9
5. Arizona 58.1
6. Cincinnati 58.3
9. Syracuse 59.5
11. Wichita St. 59.6
12. Ohio St. 59.8
13. Harvard 60.5
15. Louisville 60.9
16. Tennessee 61.1
17. Saint Louis 61.2
22. Pittsburgh 62.4
32. UConn 63.1
48. Wisconsin 64.6

If you believe that defense is the key to winning championships, then you should know that all four No. 1 seeds Virginia, Florida, Wichita State and Arizona all ranked in the top 50 nationally in defense.

Another grouping of teams that also features teams seeded eighth or higher in their respective regions, San Diego State (No. 4), Cincinnati (No. 5), Syracuse (No. 3), Ohio State (No. 6), Louisville (No. 4), St. Louis (No. 5), UConn (No. 7) and Wisconsin (No. 2).

If you believe that defense wins championships, then all you have to do to cash in on the stunning NCAAB Futures Odds to win the 2014 NCAA Tournament, then simply put your money on one or more of the above teams.

If you like another tourney team not on this list of defensive standouts, then you may have a bit of an uphill battle on your hands as I resoundingly believe one of the aforementioned ballclubs will bring home the March Madness hardware this postseason, most likely by smothering several of their overwhelmed opponents with their own unique brand of suffocating defense.