Auburn V Kentucky Spread, ATS Pick & Viewer's Guide

The 2014 NCAA Championship Game

The game has finally arrived, we started with a reduced field of 32 and we have ended up with the two best teams in college basketball, this will be for all the cheese as it is a one loss your out system. Both of these teams have had to walk through hell and back to make it here and they will have to make one more strong showing for the title. I really expect one of the best all around games in recent tournament championship history.

(8) Kentucky Wildcats vs. (7) Connecticut Huskies
Eighth seed Kentucky battles seventh seed UConn for the national title from Arlington, Texas tonight.
Starts: 04/07/2014 9:10PM
AT&T Stadium, 900 E Randol Mill Rd.


Kentucky started the season off badly but at this point not sure they were even going to make it in the tournament. This Wildcats team suffered some early season losses that coasted the a lot along the way but in the closing months of the season they really turned things around and pushed themselves. Aaron Harrison has been the savior to this team, he game the two back to back winning shots that allowed this team to beat Michigan and Wisconsin. I would not be surprised if this team really pushing things inside early to look for the foul as well as the follow through and get on the board early.

Connecticut has turned into a beast on the court, they have taken care of business in all of their games, wining convincingly since the tournament started. Tis team has shown a great talent on defense as well as offense but the way they force their opponent to turn the ball over is what has really helped this team become what they are today. I have to admit that this is going to be one of the slowest games history, neither of these teams are going to give any room for the other to breath.

Pick: the Wildcats are the favorites in this game by not by much and mostly because of experience. Kentucky is -2.5 in this game because they have the high end players but in this case I love the dog, they have the unexpectedness of having less to worry about it, take the Huskies to become your 2014 NCAA tournament Champion.