Elite Eight Picks For Scrappy Arizona Vs. Burly Wisconsin in West Final

2014 Sweet Sixteen Odds & Picks For the Wild West Region

The 2014 March Madness odds in the West Region basically reflect the matchups heading in to the Sweet Sixteen. Arizona should have problem beating up San Diego State, while the consistency of Wisconsin will be tested by the surging sensation that is the Baylor Bears. This is profile of each team in this region, for my 2014 March Madness picks this weekend, check back later in the week.

2014 Sweet Sixteen Odds & Picks For the Wild West Region

Arizona Wildcats Sweet Sixteen Odds To Become National Champion are +450

As a perennial public team, the 2014 March Madness odds on Arizona are going to be hard to make money on, and most people take them when picking games so they always have a slightly inflated value. They’re the best team in this region by a mile, but as I’ve written before, the Wildcats are prone to upsets. Disrupt their offence a little and Arizona tends to freak out. It’s what happened when they lost to Oregon and UCLA this month alone.

So I don’t necessarily love Arizona long term because they haven’t proven that they can handle the fist fights that are coming in the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight. They should easily dispatch San Diego State, but after that I’m not sure the Wildcats are “the team to beat”. Both Wisconsin and Baylor have better 2014 March Madness odds long term and are just as strong. Arizona has not been as reliable this year in my eyes as the other three favorites which include Louisville, Michigan State and Florida. You’re free to do what you want with your money, but if you need some advice, I would stay the hell away from the Wildcats in the futures market.

Wisconsin Badgers Sweet Sixteen Odds To Become National Champion are +1600

Man, when Wisconsin is on fire they’re really fun to watch, aren’t they? The Badgers have put on a defensive and offensive display in their first two games of 2014 March Madness by eviscerating American by +40.0 points (not a typo) and then outshooting the high flying Ducks 85-77 in the Round of 32. Wisconsin is one of the most disciplined defensive teams left in the Sweet Sixteen, and when their shooting is on, they’re virtually unstoppable. They deserve to be favored against Baylor this weekend – and I’ll have more coverage on that game later this week – but if you’re looking for a relatively sturdy mid-play in the futures, the 2014 March Madness odds of Wisconsin are a positively sneaky place to spend your money.

San Diego State Sweet Sixteen Odds To Become National Champion are +3800

Nobody’s going to give the Aztecs any credit because of who they beat to get to this point, but there aren’t many people out there who were ready to anoint them as national title contenders. It ain’t happening, folks. A Sweet Sixteen berth is as far as these guys get. They don’t have the size to compete with Arizona, which is why they have a +6.5 handicap to begin with. I’m taking Arizona hard in my 2014 March Madness picks this weekend and even if the Aztecs post a stunning upset, I doubt that they’ll have three more left in them to win the national title.

Baylor Bears Sweet Sixteen Odds To Become National Champion are +2000

Now here’s a team that you should be terrified of in the best way possible. I love the energy that Baylor plays with, and their outside shooting is complimented by an underrated willingness to attack the rim and the boards. They didn’t just kill Creighton – they embarrassed them during a 85-55 win that I frankly didn’t see coming. The Baylor-Wisconsin matchup is probably the most terrifying to handicap simply because Baylor feels like a momentum play, and those types of teams don’t usually pan out long term.

But Baylor does EVERYTHING well and Cory Jefferson is a senior stud who is leading this team on a path to glory. Where Wisconsin is a solid and sturdy play, Baylor is a crime of passion. If that’s how you feel like spending your money, then Baylor is the team for you in 2014 March Madness picks.