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Always A Great Game Between These Two

For the last few season this has been one of the more consistently entertaining games in college basketball, every time we get the chance to see these two programs play one another it always turns out to be a great one, no matter what they are ranked at the time. This one as all the ingredients to be another great game, with both teams more than likely moving up in the rankings thanks to the loss of Syracuse the top team, but knowing that there will be an extra incentive to the winner of this game to bump up even more in the rankings.

(11) Louisville Cardinals vs. (7) Cincinnati Bearcats
The (11) Louisville Cardinals and the (7) Cincinnati Bearcats hit the hard court in an ACC matchup this Saturday, with TV coverage by CBS.
Starts: 02/22/2014 12:00PM
Fifth Third Arena, 2700 O’Varsity Way
Cincinnati, Ohio


The Louisville Cardinals are an aggressive team with a fast pace mentality and a highlight potential in every possession, this team thrives on big plays, that is their spark but in this one they will really need their entire team by their side, while the starters are resting, the bench needs to step up and do what they need to do to make sure they teams only moves forward. The highlight matchup for the Cardinals will be at the point guard spot where they have range from a few feet outside the 3 point line.

Cincinnati is 13-1 in the ACC this season, they had an unfortunate loss early in the season to a non conference team which is why they dropped to 7 th last week but if you watch them play this season they have added not only depth but a little swagger they were missing from previous years. This team can make runs very easily and they push the ball up the floor with great passing. The best part of this game will be watching which group of guards step up higher and protect the ball better. I have a feeling that Louisville will take this game in an thrilling overtime win.