Best Final Four Prop Bets Has Shabazz Napier As The Big Man On Campus

Best Final Four Prop Bets Has Shabazz Napier As The Big Man On Campus

Best Final Four Prop Bets Has Shabazz Napier As The Big Man On Campus

The Final Four prop bets are not only a fun way to enjoy March Madness, but you can also cash in if you can find the right value. There are three player point totals I love, which includes one on Shabazz Napier of UConn, and two other bets that have great value. By the way, I think Shabazz Napier is the best player in the Final Four so let’s get started with him right away.

The Best 2014 Final Four Prop Bets

Will Shabazz Napier Score Over or Under 18.5 Points Vs. Florida?

The value on this awesome Final Four prop bet is -120 either way, and if your’e not taking the over then I don’t know what to tell you. Actually I do – take the over! Napier has been blasting teams on the scoreboard all tournament long with 23.0 points per game and even as he prepares to face Scottie Wilbekin, I love the OVER here. Wilbekin is a sound defender, but he’s not the athlete that Napier is. It’s actually not even close.

Despite everything that the Florida floor general has done, he’s still rated as an “undrafted” NBA prospect. Napier is a top-10 pick bar none. If UConn is going to have a hope of doing anything, Napier is going to have to produce which is why I’m murdering the over in this Final Four prop bet with everything I have. Napier’s love of creating open looks and knocking down jumpers makes me less worried about Florida’s fortress-like interior defense.

Will Frank Kaminsky Score Over or Under 17 Points Vs. Kentucky?

The reason to take this Final Four prop bet in the over is because Kaminsky can drown opponents from range. He’s a former point guard who sprung up to towering heights and has a refined inside-outside game. The problem? I think he’s going to foul out of the game as Julius Randle makes a mockery of his lacking size. And the under here is valued at -110 compared to the over at -130 so it also has a better payout. I hate the idea of betting against Kaminsky but he’ll be asked to do a lot defensively, and I’m not sure he has the stature to go toe-to-toe with a high-flying, hyper athletic set of frontcourt weapons like those of the Wildcats.

Will Julius Randle Score Over or Under 16 Points Vs. Wisconsin?

Talk about a spot on point total for a player. Randle has averaged 15.1 points per game this season, and 15.8 points in his last four games during the NCAA Tournament. I wish there was a Final Four prop bet on his rebounding numbers at the 11.5 mark because I would bag that over in a heartbeat (he’s averaged 12.0 per game thus far). Randle is a beast of an athlete and can use his size and strength to impose his will on opposing players. He gets double teams a lot, but there’s a difference between getting hounded by Michigan Wichita State and Louisville…and the undersized Wisconsin Badgers.

Will The Game Total Go Over or Under 127 Points in the UConn Huskies Vs. Florida Gators?

This isn’t technically a Final Four prop bet because it’s actually a total, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t shed some light on some hidden value here. The Gators love to score in transition, and UConn’s defense in that department is pretty bad. On the flip side, I just think that the Huskies are a much more resilient and high-powered team offensively after four mind numbing wins in the tournament. Napier will have his day and help push UConn and Florida over the edge against this low hanging total.

Is Kentucky A Smart Bet at +330 To Win the NCAA Basketball Championship in 2014?

In the futures market, Kentucky has a +250 number to win the title and that seems fair. If you want a better number, however, you just have to dig through the Final Four prop bets to find an adjusted line that since it’s a 1-on-3 type of bet. Kentucky is my favorite team to win it all because I think they can beat any of the three remaining teams outright. They’re more talented than Wisconsin, the type of opponent UConn gets killed by and can go toe-to-toe with Florida’s burly frontcourt. It’s not much more of an inflated value compared to their outright chances of winning the title, but they’re just better odds. If you like Kentucky as much as I do to win it all, bet on them against the field with the inflated odds of this Final Four prop bet.