Best and Worst College Hoops Teams To Bet On

Best and Worst College Hoops Teams To Bet On

It’s still very early in the college basketball season, but we’ve seen enough to know which teams are amongst the best and worst college basketball betting teams in the sportsbook. Here’s a run down of some of the best takes on the board, along with three big name schools you should steer clear of.

The Best College Basketball Teams to Bet On Against The Spread

#6 Wichita State Shockers (10-2-1 ATS)
The undefeated, 16-0 SU Shockers are picking up right where they left off in the Final Four. Unlike other Cinderella teams like FGCU and VCU, Wichita State is proving its legitimacy as one of the best teams in the country and are making some heavy scratch for their backers along the way. The Shockers are well off the radar of the general public because they don’t have any of the big name freshman in the country, but they’re kicking the snot out of the mid-level competition they’re stacked up against in the Missouri Valley Conference. You don’t have to understand why they’re such a great bet – you just have to bet on them. It’s that simple when you’re the best college hoops team amongst all ranked programs.

Creighton Bluejays (10-3 ATS)
I am a massive fan of Doug McDermott, one of the best players in the country that nobody is talking about. The versatile and unselfish senior is averaging 24.3 point sand 7.3 rebounds per game and has steadied Creighton as the second best team in the always tight Big East. This team was a big sneak last year and they’re repeating the regular season success that made them a darling college hoops betting team in 2012. The Bluejays trail Villanova in the standings, but play them on January 20th in a huge showdown. For now, just hammer on Creighton. The public, the pollsters and the oddsmakers have let them slip through the cracks.

#1 Arizona Wildcats (10-4 ATS)
The best team in the Pac-12 is undoubtedly the Arizona Wildcats, who are the top ranked team in the country for very good reason. But with all the attention they receive as a massive public play, it’s hard to envision Arizona maintaining they’re incredible 10-4 ATS record. Or is it? I don’t think the bookies, the experts or even handicappers know how good this team can actually be.

You always bet on great defensive college teams because they can limit the damage done by opponents. Solid defense is a trait that all the best college basketball teams share, and Arizona ranks 3rd in points allowed (54.9) and are the best rebounding program in the country. Aaron Gordon is a big force of nature in that regard and his team has five winnable games on their slate. Keep betting on Arizona until notified otherwise.

The Worst College Basketball Teams to Bet On Against The Spread

#15 Colorado Buffaloes (9-6 ATS)
The Buffaloes are a solid defensive team that have the second best record in the Pac-12. The driving force on this team is Spencer Dinwiddle, who has 15.2 points, 3.9 assists and 1.6 steals and it’s ok if you haven’t heard of him because there’s no reason you should have until now. The oddsmakers fell asleep on these guys as they started proving that their ranking and record are both legitimate, and in the last two weeks the sportsbook has been a hazard zone for Colorado. They’re just 1-3 ATS in their last 4 games and as they keep on winning, they become more and more of a no-go as an NCAAB team to bet on. They just don’t have the overall talent to continually meet the expectation set by their early season success.

#7 Baylor Bears (3-5 ATS)
The 12-2 SU Baylor Bears haven’t played that many meaningful games so it’s unfair to really call them one of the worst college hoops betting teams on the market but they also seem like a bit of a red herring. Their scoring offense is great, and their three-point shooting is absolutely deadly, but their defense isn’t as solid as you might think and they still lack a real, marquee star though Corey Jefferson could be a legitimate stud. I just haven’t seen enough from Baylor to encourage them as a play and with so many other teams worth backing with my money, I’m keeping my distance from Baylor until I see them knock off some big name programs.

#18 Kansas Jayhawks (6-8 ATS)
Andrew Wiggins is the best player in college basketball, the projected number-one pick in the upcoming NBA Draft and the reason that we’re seeing one of the most tankalicious NBA seasons of all time. But he’s also surrounded by a bunch of players that are used to being the go-to threats on their high school teams. Kansas had perhaps the strongest recruiting class of any team this past summer, but it hasn’t gelled in a way that has made them the runaway freight train they were projected to be.

Beyond that, this team is right in the crosshairs of the oddsmakers and the public is feverishly betting on them in big games. But I’m telling you right now – until tournament time this is not a safe team to bet on. There are too many moving parts to account for and Kansas has not played to their absurdly high ceiling. Frankly, they never reach their ultimate potential which is also kind of sad. They’re a fun team to watch, but an agonizing take as one of the worst college basketball teams to bet on amongst all ranked schools.