Kansas Jayhawks at home.

Big Game In The Big-12 Conference

This game will be won in the post, both of these teams have great big man that have incredible post games on both sides of the ball, they defend the same position by double teaming and rotating to the weak side. Texas seems to move the ball around a little more out of the post looking for the corner three ball while the Jayhawks seem to force the shot because they have the bodies necessary for rebounding and second chance points.

NCAAB – (19) Texas Longhorns vs. (8) Kansas Jayhawks
The (19) Texas Longhorns and the (8) Kansas Jayhawks hit the hard court this weekend.
Starts: 02/22/2014 7:30PM
Allen Fieldhouse, 1651 Naismith Dr.
Lawrence, Kansas


The Longhorns will not have it easy but the Jayhawks have given them enough tape to study were as they can find the holes to take advantage off. Kansas rarely take the ball to the left, they pass it into the right block and rotate it from there, so I expect them to over stack that side of the court to force Kansas to the other side. Texas needs to be careful with the ball, they have to make the right choices on offense that will allow them to score or at the very least get back on defense to be ready.

Kansas has no choice but to keep running the ball like they do, they play a style of offense that is structured to wear their opponents out, they push the ball up the court and create transition points even when the defense is there, the ability to aggressively attack the rim and look for the foul as really paid off for them down the line. They shoot more free throws than any other team in the conference and that is they key but it is also their Achilles heel, because if Texas gets out of the way and defends without fouling they will have the advantage. I have the Jayhawks winning this game because I don’t see the Longhorns being able to avoid the physical game there for the fouls.