The Cardinals are back in action

The Cardinals Are Back In Action

This is far from the season that Kentucky was expecting to have, known for their greatness on the basketball court and always being one of the final teams competing for the top ranks, they have somewhat fallen off this season with 10 losses overall. Louisville has been here before, this is not new ground but this time around they have health on their side and it has shown in their play.

(8) Kentucky Wildcats vs. (4) Louisville Cardinals
The (8) Kentucky Wildcats and the (4) Louisville Cardinals clash in a March Madness Sweet Sixteen matchup.
Starts: 03/28/2014 9:40PM
Lucas Oil Stadium, 500 South Capitol Ave.


This is the type of game that the Wildcats needed to really get things not only back into context but in perspective, this game will send them yet again to the Elite 8 but after the season they had this would really show their endurance. They will be a dog in this game and I see them on the road in Indiana really having to dig deep for a win in this game. Look for them to share the ball more as they look for the extra pass or the cutting guard to the rim; I expect much more aggressiveness from their front court as well as more post-up game down low on offense.

The Cardinals cannot take this game lightly, this will be a difficult game under the rim, the Cardinals have shown that they can not only hang with the bigger post up teams but in the shooting department. This team has been on fire over the course of the regular season as well as through their first two rounds of the tournament. Louisville will come out and run the ball but they need to protect it and cannot afford to turn it over.

Pick: The Cardinals know that they had a chance last season to win it all but because of injuries they did not accomplish their dreams, this season they seem to be playing with an added sense of need and I have them winning this game by 6.