Louisville Cardinals

The Cardinals Defend Their Nest Very Well…

The Louisville Cardinals have shown that they are not only a very good road team but they have yet to lose at home, they have protected their nest with very good trap defense mostly in the post, forcing their opponents to either travel or throw the ball away. Houston will more than likely know this and be practicing how to get out of these situations but with that said they still need to find a way to score consistently to keep this game close.

Houston Cougars vs. (18) Louisville Cardinals
The Houston Cougars take on the Louisville Cardinals on Thursday Night.
Starts: 01/16/2014 7:00PM
KFC Yum Center, 1 Arena Plaza
Louisville, Kentucky


The Cougars have not had the season they were expecting and injury has played a big part in their 10 and 6 record. Losing their starting center and small forward has placed pressure on their bench for scoring, sometimes in situations they just cannot match up against. For this game the Cougars should really run their plays from the top of the key, keep their game basic and play half court pressure defense, maybe surprising the Cardinals and getting some easy looks at the rim.

Louisville is looking to climb in the ranks quickly before the tournament starts; they know that the harder they push the better their chances are to get into the top 10. The Cardinals play a very tiring form of defense, they trap the post players while playing man coverage around the perimeter, forcing the other team to reset constantly and eating up shot clock time. The Cardinals will win this game convincingly by a minimum of 10 points as they continue their tear of the ACC.