Dayton Flyers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

They both come into this one perfect

Now this is what college basketball is all about, two high powered offensive teams that come into this game unbeaten go head to head, the Flyers and the Yellow Jackets actually match up perfectly with each other, both leading scorers average the same amount of points while the rebounding and assists are both dead locked. This game will not be predicated on defense because of the ball rotation that both teams have show us this season, so I can only imagine a buzzer beating shot to end a game like this.

Dayton Flyers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets host the Dayton Flyers.
Starts: 11/20/2013 7:00PM
McCamish Pavilion, North Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia


Dayton is perfect so far but because they are a smaller market team they have the ability to be a little less known, possibly hide some of their strengths in the open floor. This team seems to pick up their half court press pretty early to get their opponents to slow the pace down, they cover the perimeter well but I have seen them forget about the corner shooters, so if Georgia Tech can get a guy hat from those areas, they could do some damage.

The Yellow Jackets use their pick´n role often, sometimes from the top of the key, they like to move their players without the ball a lot to really get an open shoot. One of their issues has been their free throws, they have to do a better job than 62%, Georgia Tech is known for their size in the paint and ability to defend it but in this case with the speed Dayton is bringing to the table the Georgia Tech big’s are going to have to come out of their comfort zone to play defense.

What to expect:

I like the smaller Dayton to stir up the honey pot in Georgia and take this game with their speed, this will be hard for the Yellow Jackets because of the pace but if they can control that, they have a great chance to get the lead and keep it. I still expect a last minute buzzer beater to win this game so eyes glued to the game and watch as Dayton make that miracle shot.