Current NCAA Tournament Betting Odds

Current NCAA Tournament Betting Odds

The big day is finally here and our glorious sportsbook has all the current NCAA Tournament betting odds you need to enjoy the madness of March! I can barely keep myself contained as a handicapper and college hoops fan. This is absolutely one of my favorite times of year.

The one thing that really caught my attention is the amount of gigantic spreads that we’re seeing in the Round of 64 on the opening weekend. We have plenty to be sure, but we usually see a lot more. If you haven’t checked out the current NCAA Tournament betting odds, then head over to the sportsbook right now to check out all the game lines, sides and totals.

There are a handful of double-digit numbers on the first day of action, and the 1-vs-16 matchup obviously goes four-for-four in this regard. Florida is the biggest favorite on the board with a -21.5 handicap against Albany, while Virginia has the second highest with a -21.0 deficit against Coastal Carolina. Arizona has a -20.0 number against Weber State and Wichita State is also a heavy favorite in their own matchup. The only situation where I like the favorite in this matchup is Virginia, a high tempo scoring team that will likely smash Coastal Carolina without a problem. As is usually the case, I prefer the underdogs in every other 1-vs-16 matchup.

There are a number of other matchups which feature double digits. With most of them, I like the dogs especially in that Western Michigan matchup against Syracuse. I also love the +14.0 for American University against Wisconsin, a defensively minded team first and foremost. One of the few double digit covers I like with the favorites when looking at the current NCAA Tournament betting odds is Michigan State -14.5 against Delaware. I think the Spartans are more than happy to bury opponents. They’ve been doing just that for the best few weeks.

Current NCAA Tournament Betting Odds

  • Florida +400 
  • Michigan State +450 
  • Arizona    +700 
  • Louisville    +550 
  • Kansas    +850 
  • Wichita State    +1200
  • Duke    +1200 
  • Syracuse    +1600 
  • Virginia    +1000 
  • Wisconsin    +2200 
  • Creighton    +3000 
  • Iowa State    +2200 
  • Michigan    +2200 
  • UCLA    +3500 
  • Villanova    +2500 
  • Kentucky    +2800 
  • North Carolina    +3000 
  • Oklahoma State    +3500 
  • Oklahoma    +7000 
  • San Diego State    +4000 
  • UConn    +5000 
  • Ohio State    +6000 
  • Baylor    +8000 
  • Cincinnati    +6000 
  • New Mexico    +7000 
  • Oregon    +7000 
  • Pittsburgh    +5000 
  • VCU    +7000 
  • Memphis    +7500 
  • Gonzaga    +8500 
  • Iowa    +6000 
  • Providence    +15000 
  • Saint Joseph’s    +15000 
  • Dayton    +25000 
  • Harvard    +50000 
  • North Carolina State    +20000 
  • Field (Any Other Team)    +10000

The rest of the games on the betting board have curiously tight numbers, which says as much about the field as it does about the parity in college basketball right now. NC State, for example, is a narrow +3.5 dog against fifth-seeded Saint Louis. The oddsmakers are paying their respects across the tournament which leaves little margin for error in the remaining matchups.

How you attack this board is up to you at this point. I’ve given out advice to hammer moneyline dogs in tight games, bet on most of the double digit covers by the lower seeds where appropriate and to trust the momentum plays in the first two days of March Madness. Head over to the sportsbook to leverage your own bets on the current NCAA Tournament betting odds right now!