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The First NIT Quarter Final Is Set

It’s been a long and difficult road to get here and many guys feel like winning the NIT Tournament is simply not an exciting enough moment. No one remembers who won the NIT unless it was your school. The Bulldogs have had some luck on their side as they come into this game as the third seed overall. The Gatos on the other hand a top team, they were expected to be here and the pressure mounts on them to see who between SMU and California will meet them at the medium dance.

(3) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs. (1) Florida State Seminoles
The (3) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs vs. (1) Florida State Seminoles hit the hard-court this Wednesday in the Men’s Basketball NIT Championship quarterfinals.
Starts: 03/26/2014 7:00PM
Donald L. Tucker Center, 505 W Pensacola St.
Tallahassee, Florida


The Bulldogs had to get a round a very hard hitting Georgia team that made the Bulldogs work for their win. This Louisiana Tech teams prides themselves on rebounding the ball and assist ranking 15 th in both categories. That will be their game plan, really force the Seminoles into a bad shot and win the rebounding challenge… Then on the other side of the ball the Bulldogs intend to move the ball around freely as they look for the best possible man open.

Florida State is coming off a huge win over rival Georgetown, now they set their sights on the Bulldogs in order to make Semifinals. The Seminoles have had trouble all season long to work the boards, they have shown almost an impossibility to rebound the ball and keep position. This team also has a few turnovers in crucial moments so ball control is a must for them. If Florida State come in as confident as they did against Georgetown then I really see them stealing one under the radar even as a 1 seed.

Pick: Take the Seminoles for a-unite, this will not be an upset moment in the NIT and I do see why it may cause doubt right now… But impressions before a game seems to have a lasting effect in games like these, so take Florida State with a smile on your face because she will cover the -17.5 spread.