Shabazz Napier

The Huskies Have Reached The Promised Land

It was back in early December that then ranked #15 Florida played host to the unranked Huskies on their home floor. Things took an unexpected turn as Connecticut came back in the final five minutes and stole the game from the Gators. Fast forward to a few days ago, the winner advanced to the NCAA Tournament championship and the other goes home. The Gators were set on their chance at revenge and that they were going to be the one that made it as the top ranked seed they were, little did they know a guard from Connecticut named Shabazz Napier would have something to bring to the table.

This was a close game all the way through, with about 8 minutes left on the clock the Huskies really showed an tight lockdown on defense, playing an open zone, closing all inside lanes and double teaming the Florida guards on the perimeter, forcing back to back key turnovers that led to 4 points that started it all. Connected played the hardest they have ever played, they pushed the ball up and took as much time off that clock as they could knowing that the fouls would start coming soon.

Florida stared to get anxious and throw up some ill advised three´s only to miss and be forced to foul, by the end of the game the Huskies were up by 10 with a great team effort, everyone touched the ball and had something to do with their success, they played harder and seemed to want to deserve it more. The Huskies are now getting ready to meet up with the Kentucky Wildcats for it all. This Huskies will need to regroup as this game more than the physical part drained them mentally as well.

Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies on their great win over Florida and their ticket to the Big Dance.