The Inside Game Against The Outside One

The Inside Game Against The Outside One

This will be one of the more interesting games of the sweet 16 round, in this game we will be treated to one of college basketball´s best inside playing team as well as one of the better shooting one. The Bears by far have the most height of any team in this tournament, their front court has an average height of 6 foot 8 inches, with both starting and backup centers 7 feet tale. The Badgers do not have that type of height but what they lack in that area they make up with speed and ability to drive and attack the rim.

(6) Baylor Bears vs. (2) Wisconsin Badgers
The Baylor Bears and the Wisconsin Badgers hit the hard-court this Thursday in the NCAA Men’s Sweet Sixteen, with coverage by TBS.

Starts: 03/27/2014 7:47PM
Honda Center, 2695 E Katella Ave.
Anaheim, California


Baylor will set up their defense the same way they always do, man to man with their centers guarding the middle lane where they lead the NCAA with an average of 6.5 blocks a game. On the other side of the ball though this team will have to get inside, then back down the defense to get off a clean shoot, easier said than done. I like the Bears in this game because they have the ability to go small too with their lineup changes and match the speed in crucial times.

Wisconsin is coming off a big win over the Ducks but they have shown weakness against the post-game, something that Baylor plays very well. In order for this Badger team to stay in this game early I expect them to really look for they range, shooting the ball and crashing the rim with necessary especially in the beginning. The Badgers must play hard defense and have help protect the weak side. Rotation and ball protection is important for this team if they want to have a chance.

Pick: the Baylor Bears win this game with relative ease as they are -2.5; they inside game and the rebounding will eventually be the Badgers demise.