The Jayhawks still got the top seed

The Jayhawks Still Got The Top Seed

It was anything but an easy season for the Kansas Jayhawks this year; they found themselves losing games against unranked teams left and right. They seemed to have lost their defensive identity but found a trace of it in their last 10 games. Robert Morris is the 16 th seeded team in the East bracket playing in New York this year. With a 20 and 12 record against sub-par teams but a 14-2 in conference play earned the Colonials a spot. Looking at this game and the way they both play, this is the game I would say has the biggest upset flavor to it.

Kansas seems to not do well against teams that run the ball a lot, they have had problems setting up their defense and moving off picks to stay with their man. Help defense is not a big aspect of the Jayhawks game so I can see this game being much closer than people might think. Kansas needs to protect the basketball, they need to make sure they get the shot they wanted off and they need to get back on defense to bet ready. Trapping the ball and playing help defense from the top of the key will be important.

Robert Morris was invited to the tournament last year and was seeded last as well; they opened against top ranked Kentucky who was favored by 31 points in that game. The Colonials played a game I think they didn´t even expect, they were tough and aggressive, they attacked and pushed the ball and at the end they delivered one of the NCAA tournament’s biggest upset by beating the Wildcats by a last minute shot. You know what they say, if you did it once, you can do it again. This team only lost 2 players from that amazing team from last year so I like the dog in this game.