March Madness First Four Betting Picks

March Madness First Four Betting Picks

March Madness First Four Betting Picks

March Madness First Four round of college basketball begins this Thursday with 2 play in-games. 16 seed Farleigh-Dickinson battles 16 seed Florida Gulf Coast  at 6:40 pm ET before 11 Vanderbilt takes on 11 Wichita State at 9:10 pm ET. Both games will be broadcast on truTV.

On Wednesday, 16 seed Holy Cross battles 16 seed Southern before 11 seed Michigan takes on 11 seed Tulsa. Keep reading for my picks for the 4 play in games in this year’s NCAA Tournament!

Analyzing My March Madness First Four Betting Picks

(16) Farleigh-Dickinson vs (16) Florida Gulf Coast
When: Tuesday, March 15 at 6:40 pm ET
TV: truTV

Florida Gulf Coast has a terrific forward in 6’ 8” Marc Eddy-Norelia. Eddy-Norelia averages 17.2 points and 9.2 boards per game. But in order for Eddy-Norelia to be effective, FGC’s guards have to feed him the ball. No worries there since Zach Johnson and Christian Terrell, FGC’s starting guards, are good at doing exactly that. Farleigh-Dickinson counters with their own terrific guard in Darian Anderson. Unfortunately, Anderson won’t be able to handle both Terrell, who’ll have 3 inches on him, and Johnson. FGC looks like the play in this matchup.

Pick: Florida Gulf Coast

(11) Vanderbilt vs (11) Wichita State
When: Tuesday, March 15 at 9:10 pm ET
TV: truTV

This has to be the most anticipated play-in game of the first round. Vanderbilt is lucky to have made it to the NCAA Tournament after losing 65 to 67 to Tennessee in the first round of the SEC Tournament. Until the loss, Vanderbilt had been playing well. Wichita State has 3 terrific NCAA Tournament experienced players in Evan Wessel, Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker. If terrific inside player Shaq Morris hits his shots, the Shockers should dominate the Commodores in this game.

Pick: Wichita State 

(16) Holy Cross vs (16) Southern
When: Wednesday, March 16 at 6:40 pm ET
TV: truTV

Holy Cross ended its season by winning 4 games in a row and taking home the Patriot Tournament Trophy. Before the 4 straight wins, the Crusaders had lost 6 straight. Southern won the more highly-regarded SWAC Conference Tournament. The Jaguars beat Texas-Southern 81 to 73 on March 11 before beating Jacksonville State 54 to 53 on March 12. The difference in scores says that Southern is a versatile team. They’re my pick versus Holy Cross in this Wednesday matchup.

Pick: Southern

(11) Michigan vs (11) Tulsa
When: Wednesday, March 16 at 9:10 pm ET
TV: truTV

Neither one of these teams should be in the NCAA Tournament. Tulsa lost to 19 and 15 Memphis twice during the season. Michigan lost 6 out of its final 10 regular season games. If not for a lucky win over Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament, the Wolverines would probably be on the couch this week. In any case, both teams are in. So, who wins in a battle between Tulsa and Michigan? The Wolverines win it because Michigan averages 38% from three while Tulsa allows on average of 36% from three on defense. I’ve got the Wolverines in this matchup.

Pick: Michigan

More March Madness Betting Odds
First Four

  • No. 16 seed Farleigh Dickinson (+6) vs. No. 16 seed Florida Gulf Coast
  • No. 11 seed Vanderbilt (+3) vs. No. 11 seed Wichita State
  • No. 16 seed Southern (-3) vs. No. 16 seed Holy Cross
  • No. 11 seed Tulsa (+1.5) vs. No. 11 seed Michigan

South Region

  • No. 1 seed Kansas (-24.5) vs. No. 16 seed Austin Peay
  • No. 8 seed Colorado (-3.5) vs. No. 9 seed Connecticut
  • No. 5 seed Maryland (-8.5) vs. No. 12 seed South Dakota State
  • No. 4 seed California (-6.5) vs. No. 13 seed Hawaii
  • No. 3 seed Miami (-13) vs. No. 14 seed Buffalo
  • No. 7 seed Iowa (-7) vs. No. 10 seed Temple
  • No. 2 seed Villanova (-15) vs. No. 15 seed UNC Asheville

West Region

  • No. 8 seed Saint Joseph’s (+2) vs. No. 9 seed Cincinnati
  • No. 5 seed Baylor (-5) vs. No. 12 seed Yale
  • No. 4 seed Duke (-9.5) vs. No. 13 seed UNC-Wilmington
  • No. 6 seed Texas (-5) vs. No. 11 seed Northern Iowa
  • No. 3 seed Texas A&M (-12.5) vs. No. 14 seed Green Bay
  • No. 7 seed Oregon State (+3.5) vs. No. 10 seed VCU
  • No. 2 seed Oklahoma (-13) vs. No. 15 seed Cal-State Bakersfield

East Region

  • No. 8 seed USC (+1.5) vs. No. 9 seed Providence
  • No. 5 seed Indiana (-11) vs. No. 12 seed Tennessee-Chattanooga
  • No. 4 seed Kentucky (-13.5) vs. No. 13 seed Stony Brook
  • No. 3 seed West Virginia (-6) vs. No. 14 seed Stephen F. Austin
  • No. 7 seed Wisconsin (-1.5) vs. No. 10 seed Pittsburgh
  • No. 2 seed Xavier (-13.5) vs. No. 15 seed Weber State

Midwest Region

  • No. 1 seed Virginia (-23.5) vs. No. 16 seed Hampton
  • No. 8 seed Texas Tech (+3) vs. No. 9 seed Butler
  • No. 5 seed Purdue (-7.5) vs. No. 12 seed Arkansas-Little Rock
  • No. 4 seed Iowa State (-7) vs. No. 13 seed Iona
  • No. 6 seed Seton Hall (PICK) vs. No. 11 seed Gonzaga
  • No. 3 seed Utah (-8) vs. No. 14 seed Fresno State
  • No. 7 seed Dayton (-1.5) vs. No. 10 seed Syracuse
  • No. 2 seed Michigan State (-16.5) vs. No. 15 seed Middle Tennessee