The other quarterfinal in the American conference

The Other Quarterfinal In The American Conference

p>Just clearing the top 25 teams this season the Mustangs are in for a hard game here. The Cougars are no joke, don’t let their record foul you, this is a very good team. SMU beat the Cougars both times this season something that surprise many as Houston was set to be a top ranked program this year. Look for some great perimeter options in this one, these two teams can really light it up from beyond the arc meaning the team with the tighter defense will come out winning this game.

Houston Cougars vs. (25) SMU Mustangs
The Houston Cougars and the (25) SMU Mustangs hit the hard-court in the American conference quarterfinals this Thursday night.
Starts: 03/13/2014 1:00PM
FedExForum, 191 Beale St.
Memphis, Tennessee


Houston has a very solid defense but they lack explosion on the offensive end, they take too much of the clock up and not really surprising anyone, they have to be more spontaneous. This is the first time in 16 seasons that the Cougars were swept by SMU and I can bet on the fact that they were happy when they heard the first game would be against the Mustangs because I sense a really urge to make things right.

SMU ended the regular season with a 23-8 record, best they have had in the last 5 years. They are coming off back to back losses against Memphis and Louisville so I don’t know how their momentum will be in this one. This team needs to do a better job on offense protecting the ball, 11 turnovers a game is just not good.

I have the Mustangs -6 in this game and I actually really like the dog here because they are actually for the first time the team with nothing to lose. Take Houston in this one and watch them cover and move on.