Top 7 College Seniors Who Deserve To Win 2014 NCAA Tourney

The Shockers That Are Shocking!

Wichita State is on their way to the history books; they went the entire regular season undefeated at 32-0 playing their last conference game against Evansville. It was back in 1943 when the last college basketball team reached 34-0 and with decently easy games ahead they might get it done. Alabama State is next in line to face the 5 headed monsters as the Shockers use everyone on the floor to make their offense run. The Hornets ended their season 14-10 with an 11-6 conference record to give them the push to be the last team to make the Midwest, playing in Indianapolis.

The Shockers have an amazing ability to get everyone involved; their bench player’s understand their roles and play to the max of their ability. This team cheers each other on even when they are down and the level of chemistry they have formed is un-like any other I have seen at this level. They will have to push but nothing outside from what they are up against every game; they have the biggest target on their backs because everyone wants to be the team that ends their incredible winning streak.

The Alabama State Hornets are up against a giant, they will need to slow the game down and not allow the Shockers to get into their offensive transition because that is when they are the most dangerous. Keep the game slow will give them a chance to get back on defense, protecting the ball land playing off the three point line should also help them contain this hard playing team. I still don’t expect the Hornets to even keep this one close, Wichita State is just on a role right now that looks like it could carry them a long way. Take the Shockers as they will continue to win and force their opponents to play their style of deadly basketball…