Final Four - Kentucky Wildcats vs Wisconsin Badgers

The Huskies Have A Small Advantage

So the season ended and the Gators took the overall top seed in this year tournament, they finished as the best college basketball team in the country but things did not start off like that. Back on December second of last year the Huskies traveled to Florida to take on at that time the #15 ranked Gators, Connecticut was unranked and did not seem to have a chance as the spread was around 17 points.

Connecticut Huskies vs Florida Gators
The Florida Gators are 6.5 point favorites over the Connecticut Huskies in the 2014 March Madness Final Four.
Starts: 04/05/2014 6:10PM
AT&T Stadium, 900 E Randol Mill Rd.


The Huskies walked into that game knowing that they had the talent to surprise anyone and that’s just what they did. They kept it close all game long and with 6.2 seconds left on the clock the Huskies went up by one and ended up winning the game 64-63. Now they meet again on the an even bigger stage with more eyes on them than ever before. This is a chance to make the championship game and have a chance at taking home the bacon. I think that this Huskies team will fight with their last breath to stay in this game, they know everything Florida has to throw at them, it´s just a matter of keeping their heads on straight.

When Florida found out that they would have a chance to avenge that early season loss that really affected them but at the same time gave them the fire to change their ways and become better they were very happy to say the least. This is like a combo for this young team as they will not only have a chance to make the final game but they have the chance to get even against the Huskies and show them it was a fluke that they lost that game, a lack of concentration if you will. Expect both team to be very aggressive around the rim but not to open the game, they will want to test one another out to see what the game plan is.

Pick: As much as I have seen this Florida team play and how good they really are this 7 seeded Huskies team is playing with a chip on their shoulder, they know they have what is needed to make it all the way and at +5.5 I think that it’s a great risk to take.