Top 3 Bracket Busting March Madness Trends Every Gambler Needs To Read Now

Top 3 Bracket Busting March Madness Trends Every Gambler Needs To Read Now

Picking the perfect bracket is mathematically possible, but very improbable. But you might be able to edge out your co-workers with my bracket busting March Madness betting tips.

The Top 3 2015 March Madness Betting Trends Every Gambler Needs To Read Now

The trends point to two things. Bet on favorites if you are a straight up gambler. Bet on underdogs if you are an ATS gambler. That’s the golden rule going into 2015 March Madness betting.

The Top Four Seeds Betting Trends

The number one seeds have gone 30 and 0 straight up. Two and three seeds have gone 27 and 3 straight up. Number four seeds are 23 and 7 straight up. What’s interesting is that when it comes to the spread, one, two and four seeds have the same 17 and 13 ATS record. three seeds have a 19 and 11 ATS record.

When you are a one or two seed, expectations are high. When you are a three seed, expectations aren’t as high. Therefore, two more spread covers for three seeds. What’s up with the 17 and 13 ATS record for four seeds?  Who knows?  It could be that by the time a four seed is in the mix, teams become much more comparable in terms of talent.   

Fifth Seeds Myth is No Myth

The myth about the number five seeds, that they are vulnerable to twelve seeds, isn’t a myth. By far, five seeds have underperformed in the NCAA Tournament. Straight up, five seeds are only 15 and 15. Against the spread, five seeds are 10 and 20.

The record is worse than it is for six, seven or eight seeds. Number six seeds are 16 and 14 SU and 12 and 18 ATS. Number seven seeds are 18 and 12 SU and 15-14-1 ATS. Eight seeds are 18-12 SU and 18 and 12 ATS.

2014 March Madness Betting Trends

It becomes really interesting when handicappers study the 2014 March Madness Betting trends. One seeds went 4 and 0 straight up but a horrible 1 and 3 ATS. Two seeds went 4 and 0 straight up and a good 3 and 1 ATS.

Three seeds went 3 and 1 SU and 2 and 2 ATS. Four seeds went 4 and 0 SU and 2 and 2 ATS. The dreaded fifth seed went 1 and 3 straight up and a horrible 0 and 4 ATS. Sixth and seventh seeds went 2 and 2 straight up. Sixth seeds went 1 and 3 ATS while seventh seeds went 2-1-1 ATS.

Eight seeds out performed. They went 3 and 1 straight up and a terrific 3 and 1 ATS.