Florida State Seminoles vs. (1) Minnesota Golden Gophers

Top Team Against Another In This Semi

These two teams are so evenly matched to one another event their top three players play alike. For the Seminoles their leading scorer averages 14.1 points a game while the same guy for Minnesota averages 14.2 pp/g. The rebounds are about the same too, from what I can see the only advantage would be the assists that the Golden Gophers get, almost double the Seminoles.

Florida State Seminoles vs. (1) Minnesota Golden Gophers
The Florida State Seminoles and the Minnesota Golden Gophers hit the hard-court in a NIT tournament semi-final Tuesday.
Starts: 04/01/2014 9:00PM
Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York CityNew York


Florida State should be expecting the hardest game of their lives as the Golden Gophers have shown an ability to really be a thorn in other programs butts. The Seminoles must play strong defense while moving the ball up the floor, Florida State will try to command the passing game but they have to be careful, Minnesota can get the jump on a passing game and really steal the advantage. The Seminoles have the chance to make it to the finals of the NIT tournament, but the Golden Gophers are what they are on now and they need to make sure their defense is ready for a hard game.

Minnesota has not been here in a while, and when they are its usually in the NCAA Tournament. I think that this team is really pushing through with the simple thought that they deserved more and this is the only way to prove the NCAA wrong. Florida State will come out of the gate strong as they try to take advantage of the painted area as such they do when their opponents is weaker inside. The Golden Gophers will be banking on the fact that the Seminoles will still be tired from their last very physical game.

Pick: Take the Golden Gophers, they have shown the ability to adapt better than anyone else at this point, they will take advantage of know their opponent well and I think they will really surprise many fans there for the show.