Two ACC teams battle it out in the NIT semi´s

Two ACC Teams Battle It Out In The NIT Semi´s

Clemson is the lowest seeded team to make the semifinals for the NIT tournament, they have played their hearts out as underdogs most of the time, surprising better all-around teams with their speed and agility. SMU is ridding the momentum wave as they have really changed this around. New Coach Larry Brown deserves the credit as he has really changed the culture in this program for the best.

(3) Clemson Tigers vs. (1) SMU Mustangs
The (3) Clemson Tigers and the (1) SMU Mustangs meet in the first semifinal of the NIT tournament.
Starts: 04/01/2014 7:00PM
Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York CityNew York


The Tigers come into Madison Square garden with their heads up high, they have done a great job to make it this far as a three seeded team but now they have to take their feet off the break. In their recent games you could see them almost hold back at times not really trusting their ability and along with that came turnovers because they were looking for that extra pass that was never there. For this game they have to play relaxed and calm, like they know they deserve to be where they are.

SMU has played great all season long, what I like most about this team is that they have played differently against every team, the ones who run the ball, they slow it down and the ones that rather play calm, the Mustangs really push the pace and rock the transition offense. Larry Brown as really made his players believe that they not only deserved to go to the NCAA Tournament but that they deserve to win the NIT and show the NCAA that they have no idea what they are doing.