Updated Sweet Sixteen Midwest Region March Madness 2014 Picks

Updated Sweet Sixteen Midwest Region March Madness 2014 Picks

I guess I have to update my Sweet Sixteen March Madness 2014 picks now that Wichita State has been sent packing. Thanks a lot, Kentucky. The remaining teams in the Midwest Region all have a reasonable chance of hoisting the trophy this season because they’re all great teams, but the Sweet Sixteen oddsmakers are giving the heavy lean to Louisville as the top dog left in this group. Can anyone take them down?

Updated Sweet Sixteen Midwest Region March Madness 2014 Picks

March Madness 2014 odds for Louisville Cardinals to become National Champions +400

The oddsmakers are cleaning up the mess the selection committee made by pegging Louisville as a fourth seed. The Louisville Cardinals are now the co-favorite in updated March Madness 2014 picks if you go by the odds set out by the bookmakers. Louisville and Florida are both +400, while Michigan State slides in as the second favorite with a +250 number.

Louisville bounced back from a criticized win over Manhattan in the second round, where they failed to cover a -16.0 line in a 71-64 win, by absolutely crushing Saint Louis 66-51 two days later. Russ Smith was too busy dishing out assists to Luke Hancock, who ended the day with 21 points, and Montrezl Harrell racked up a double-double in a squash of the Billikens that should shut up any haters that they had. Saint Louis was a very good team and they looked like helpless idiots against the Cardinals .

And neither team that Louisville has faced so far are better than Michigan or Kentucky. The Midwest has been the toughest region to grade because there are so many unknown commodities and right now everything is a toss-up. I don’t love Louisville in my own updated March Madness 2014 picks for the national title because I’m having an insanely tough time grading the next two teams on this list.

Louisville should be the favorite. They’re undoubtedly one of the best teams in the country. But it’s too difficult to take their +400 odds to win it all right now. It’s still a smart bet by the numbers, but this March Madness has been anything but predictable. I have nothing but respect for the defending champs, but the other three teams have more than earned their fair share as well. That’s all I’m saying.

March Madness 2014 odds for the Michigan Wolverines to become National Champions +1600

I’m just going to cut to the chase: Michigan plays like a championship team but they have a glaring hole in their front court and all three of the teams remaining in the Midwest Region have weapons that can expose this. Kentucky’s Julius Randle or Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell would dominate the Wolverines in the post. And Tennessee might have the overall length to take away Michigan’s deadly outside shooting. I like Michigan a ton, I just think they drew the short straw in regards to the opponents they have to deal with to get to the Final Four.

March Madness 2014 odds for the Kentucky Wildcats to become National Champions +2000

Nothing has epitomized the absolute insanity of tournament play this year than the Kentucky Wildcats, a team that went 2-3 SU and 0-5 ATS before heading in to the SEC Tournament where they lost by one-point to the Florida Gators in the final after getting blasted by them in the regular season finale. The Wildcats are now an unexpected 4-1 SU and 5-0 ATS in their last 5 games and have muscled out strong wins against very good teams so far.

Julius Randle is the focal point of this team, and he’s finally playing like the freshman stud we was expected to be. He’s the engine of this team, but the driving force is the Harrison Twins who combined for 39 points in the upset over Wichita State. This team is firing on all cylinders no matter which way you look at it. You should be betting on multiple teams in your updated March madness 2014 picks, and if Kentucky isn’t one of your flier bets at +2000 then you’re simply doing it wrong. I am outright terrified of this team. Louisville should be as well.

Updated March Madness 2014 odds for the Tennessee Volunteers to become National Champions +2500

The Volunteers have done really well to get this far, but they also haven’t played any exceptional teams lately which makes me wonder why their odds to win March Madness 2014 are so low to begin with. They’ve beaten Iowa, UMass and Mercer by an insane +17.0 point differential but that just doesn’t mean much. The oddsmakers seemingly like them way more than I do as they’ve been listed as dogs against Michigan, who are favored by a measly -1.5 points. They should be proud of what they’ve done so far, but Tennessee will have to get past Michigan before I even think about grouping them in my updated March Madness 2014 picks to win it all.