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What Are March Madness 2014 Adjusted Odds

We have a bit of time between now and the opening round of the big dance to discuss the national title futures, so let me take some time to discuss our unique March Madness 2014 adjusted odds. When you visit our sportsbook, you can easily change the spread to your liking. Since it’s on the board – instead of tucked away where other sportsbooks don’t want you find it – we’re inviting you to bet the games exactly the way you want.

What Is An Adjusted Line For March Madness?

Why is this great? A single point can mean the difference between profits and losses (or life and death) with a sports wager. By using our March Madness 2014 adjusted odds, you can game the spread in your favor. Of course, you lower the odds on a favorite, the risk will cost you more. But a win’s a win right? A smaller profit margin is still better than none at all.

This can be a great strategy with big market teams like Duke and Kentucky where the spreads aren’t always fair and are largely influenced by the herd of public backers. The Blue Devils went 18-15 ATS this season, and some of their spread losses were by less than five points which means that if you had adjusted the odds you would have won the bet. See the advantage? Good.

The same is said if you increase the spread. By doing this you get a larger payout and have to risk less to win more. If you like Arizona to wipe the floor with Weber State in the first round of the tournament (the first real round) at -12.5 (for example, the lines haven’t been released yet) with a risk of -110 then you’ll love them at -17.5 with +250. That’s an example of how you can adjust the odds in March Madness 2014 to your preference.

At Sportbet, we make it easy for you by placing this option directly on the board. In a lot of cases, we do the math for you by presenting it as an actual option to bet on instead of doing it yourself. March Madness 2014 adjusted odds are just another one of those little conveniences we offer you to make your college basketball betting life a little bit easier.

You’re welcome.