Coastal Carolina Vs Wisconsin March Madness Against The Spread Betting Pick

The Wildcats Sure Have Turned Things Around

This will be the first time that these two programs play each other in the last 3 years, they do not normally see one another during the regular season and it´s been a while since Wisconsin has made it this deep into the NCAA tournament. Both of these teams are coming into this game with contrasting offenses, the Wildcats play a much more physical, post game as they look to establish themselves in the paint while the Badgers have a perimeter shooting offense, this Wisconsin team is one of the best shooting teams in college basketball this season and they have been known to burn teams that give them even an inch of room.

Kentucky Wildcats vs Wisconsin Badgers
The Kentucky Wildcats are 2 point favorites over the Wisconsin Badgers in this Final Four matchup on Saturday.
Starts: 04/05/2014 8:50PM
AT&T Stadium, 900 E Randol Mill Rd.


Kentucky is the bigger team inside, they have players that are more physical and used to hard hitting games. The Wildcats however have shown some problems outside as they do not close out well and have a tendency of leaving the corners open. If they want to come out of this game on top they will have to slow things down on defense to allow them to stay with their man, it won’t be easy because their instincts tell them to crash the boards and help but leaving their man open will be fatal.

Wisconsin knows that if this game is played under the rim they will not have the outcome they wanted, they lack the size and physicality that the Wildcats have in the paint but they can use that to their advantage by moving the ball, passing it inside and trying to back the ball up to the rim will force the Wildcats to rotate on the weak side giving their guards access to move around freely to their favorite spot-up places. This will be a great game to watch and see who makes the biggest change for the better of the entire team.

Pick: Take the Wildcats -4.5 in this game, I think they will hold back on the help defense and stick to their man, this will complicate things for the Badgers under the rim and in the open court.