College Football

Air Force will try to test their luck against the Lobos

A very interesting fact is that the Falcons QB has not thrown a touchdown all season long; they have run the ball in from every possible angle as well as play action but not actually thrown one in. New Mexico is more of a power running team that sets up their offense around the running backs that have a great ability to get that extra yard, averaging almost 5.5 yards a carry. Air Force will look to run the same offensive plays they have for the last decades as the QB hands off the ball only to fake it and run to then lateral to whoever is behind them to keep it moving.

Air Force Falcons vs. New Mexico Lobos
Air Force and New Mexico meet in the NCAAF week 11.
Starts: 11/08/2013 9:00PM
University Stadium
Albuquerque, New Mexico


What the Falcons have failed to notice is that play no longer works, and they need to really start running the ball and then dropping back to look for the over the middle pass to the sidelines. They need to come into this game prepared to stop the run, plug up the hoes on their defensive line and rotate the line backers to right spot to catch them around the corner.

New Mexico will blitz more than usual in this game knowing that the Falcons run the ball to both side and that about it. Blitzing off the weak side will also allow them to get after the QB faster is he stays with the ball, I don’t think the Lobos will worry too much about the secondary, inviting Air Force to pass the ball.

What to Expect:

A long afternoon for the Falcons as the Lobos really take them down from their knees leaving then with no option but to pass the ball, once that has happened it s only a matter of time before its picked off for a score. The Falcons have won one game all year and that is how their season will end.