NCAAF Nebraska Cornhuskers

Can The Gophers Control This Game Enough To Win?

A good game for the Golden Gophers as they look to defend their home field against another Big Ten rival that is coming in as the 24th ranked team in the country. Minnesota is actually a much better football team then many give them credit, they might not have the record that reflects that but they have a difficult schedule, making this game all that much more important to them. The Cornhuskers know and understand they cannot come into this game with too much confidence because it might cost them big in the end, like what happened to open the season against Wyoming when they needed a final drive with time running out to just win the game.

(24) Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers
12:00 PM ET, October 26, 2013
Coverage: ESPN/Watch ESPN

Nebraska is one of those teams that deals very well with opposing defenses, if they are having issues with the run they will change the game plan and look for the receivers to get some action going but always coming back to what was not working to see what they can change and adjust. The Cornhuskers  will look to plant their defense, stopping the Gophers running game will leave them exposed to throw the ball against an excellent secondary that has a great feel for the pass.

Minnesota needs to move the chains on offense, they know they cannot allow Nebraska´s defense to rest too much, mixing things up will cause confusion and hurry plays might actually catch them off guard on more than one occasion. Look for Minnesota to really power the football up the middle looking for that seam as they have great receivers that block well down the field. Penalties will be important for this team as they lead the Big Ten in penalties committed.

What to expect:

You cannot give yards to a team like Nebraska; they will eat it up and slow their plays down knowing they can get you to bite. I expect Minnesota to really look to get after the QB early but if they have trouble with that they will back off and play the zone to cause issues over the top. Nebraska is -17 and I think they will cover it but I like Minnesota in the first half to really stay close and keep it interesting.