College Football Week 1 Bold Predictions

College Football Week 1 Bold Predictions

The 2019 College Football season is two games old and here are FOUR bold college football Week 1 betting predictions.

College Football Week 1 Bold Predictions

Oklahoma Will Beat Houston out of the State of Texas

The spread looks awfully daunting. Oklahoma hosts the Houston Cougars as a massive, ridiculous, unfathomable -24 ½ favorite. How could Lincoln Riley’s team possibly cover such an enormous spread versus one of the better teams in the American Athletic Conference?

But, this is Oklahoma, the most popular team in the nation. They’ll get at least 30 points through sheer magnetism while the other 24 or so will come via Jalen Hurts’ arm and legs. The rout will be on!

The Irish Will Force Louisville To Say Uncle

Wait, a team can’t tap-out of college football? Does Louisville really want to hit the gridiron versus what’s sure to be one of the top offenses in college? The NCAAF might want to save their top referees or even their mediocre referees, or even the referees they’re considering laying off, for Week 2. No reason to even bother with this one.

Louisville is so awful, their fans should show up with the proverbial bags over their heads without holes for their eyes to peek through. Notre Dame is only favored by 20 ½. If they don’t cover that, the season is already a failure.

Tigers Will Maul Ducks

Oregon is considered a Pac 12 contender and an actual title contender. The Auburn Tigers are considered the fourth-best, if that, team in the SEC. The first question is…how gosh darn awful is the Pac 12?

The second question is, no matter how bad the Pac 12 is, could Auburn really be 3 ½ points better than Oregon? The answer to the first question? Bad. It should be a cheer this season, “Who’s bad? The Pac 12’s bad!”

The answer to the second is, yes. Auburn should be favored by that much because the Tigers might field one of the top defensive lines in the nation. That line could give NFL scouts visions of former Oregon bust Akili Smith every time Justin Herbert steps back to pass.

Alabama and Clemson Will Show Rust…and Still, Win by Over 30

Neither the Clemson Tigers nor the Alabama Crimson Tide should be as sharp in Week 1 as they will be later on in the season. Dabo Genius and Saban Superman don’t gear their teams up for Week 1 victories.

But, the Tide and the Tigers play some overmatched squads this Saturday. Bama takes on Duke. Not on the basketball court, FYI. The Tigers battle Georgia Tech. Tech has a new offense, new defense, new everything.

So, while both Clemson and Alabama will show rust, both will also dominate by at least 30. That’s what happens when David shows up without his best stones.