College Football Week 7 Betting Cheat Sheet

College Football Week 7 Betting Cheat Sheet

Week 7 is a key week in College Football. Separation could occur with many contenders in the Pac 12, Big Ten and the SEC. A couple of true front-runners for the SEC conference could emerge after this Saturday. Two of the Top 10 teams are in battles with two of the other Top 10 teams.

UCLA and Stanford play each other, meaning that one of the favorites for the Pac 12 Championship is going to be knocked out of the running. Iowa battles Northwestern in the Big Ten while Michigan State takes on Michigan. In the SEC, 2 huge games are on the schedule. #10 Alabama travels to #9 Texas A&M and #8 Florida battles #6 LSU.

College Football Week 7 Betting Cheat Sheet

#18 UCLA at #15 Stanford

Stanford has been on a roll since their Week 1 loss to Stanford. The Cardinal defense should feast on UCLA freshman QB Josh Rosen.
Pick: Stanford

West Virginia at #2 Baylor

You have to like Baylor in this spot. The Bears have climbed all the way to #2 in the nation. The offense hasn’t missed a beat and the defense keeps getting better.
Pick: Baylor

Louisville at #11 Florida State

Louisville isn’t a great team, but Florida State has gotten lucky when beating Wake Forest and Miami in their last two matchups. Tough game but the Seminoles pull it out.
Pick: Florida State

#13 Ole Miss at Memphis

Consider this a trap game for the Ole Miss Rebels. Memphis is undefeated and averaging close to 48 points per game. Ole Miss should win, but it won’t be easy.  
Pick: Ole Miss

#17 Iowa at #20 Northwestern

Northwestern should bounce back from the beating they took at the hands of the Michigan Wolverines. Then again, maybe, Michigan exposed some flaws in the Northwestern defense and the freshman QB is starting to play like a freshman QB.
Pick: Iowa

#7 Michigan State at #12 Michigan

Everybody was all gaga over Michigan State after they beat Oregon. The Ducks have since lost 2 of their last 3. RB De’Veon Smith may be hurt, but it won’t matter. Michigan will win this game.
Pick: Michigan

#19 Oklahoma at Kansas State

Wow. Yes, it was the Red River Rivalry, but how could Oklahoma lose to Texas? Kansas State will make it two losses in a row for the Sooners.
Pick: Kansas State

#3 TCU at Iowa State

TCU will be heavily favored. There are a lot of flaws in the TCU defense. Iowa State won’t expose those flaws.
Pick: TCU

#10 Alabama at #9 Texas A&M

This is the matchup to watch. John Chavis built the defenses at LSU that gave Alabama fits for years. He’s at A&M now. Alabama’s defense is arguably the best in the nation. Expect a tough battle with Bama pulling it out because of their better rushing game.
Pick: Alabama

Boston College at #5 Clemson

I thought Clemson might take a step back after they beat Notre Dame in that tough game a couple of weeks ago. Instead, they pummeled Georgia Tech. This won’t be an easy out for Clemson, but you have to figure that the Tigers get the job done.
Pick: Clemson

#8 Florida at #6 LSU

This is going to be a knockdown, drag it out fight, between two very good defensive teams. Florida has a serious chance to upset LSU on the road in this matchup. The reason that they won’t is because LSU will turn to Leonard Fournette, pound the ball, control the clock and beat Florida by 1 to 3 points.
Pick: LSU

Southern Cal at #14 Notre Dame

Southern Cal is a mess. AD Pat Haden suspended Coach Steve Sarkisian after having a conversation with Sark on Sunday. Notre Dame should win easily.
Pick: Notre Dame

Penn State at #1 Ohio State

Could Penn State possibly upset Ohio State on the road this Saturday?  The Nittany Lions are ranked in the Top 10 in yards allowed. They’re ranked in the Top 12 in points allowed and average 157 rushing yards per game. Penn State can do it.    
Pick: Penn State