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College Football’s 2014 Odds to Win the Big 12

The Big 12 Conference is the only one of the major conferences that will not host a championship game in the 2014 season. The reason is obvious. While the Big 12 used to have, uh, 12 teams, it now only boasts 10 teams. Click here for more Big 12 college football betting odds.

What does this mean for Oklahoma, the consensus pick to win the Big 12 Conference? It means that unless the Sooners are upset by Baylor or Texas, they’re pretty much assured of a spot in the College Football Playoffs. Who said that you couldn’t “game” the new system?

NCAAF 2014 Odds to Win the Big 12 Conference

Oklahoma -150

Oklahoma takes on Baylor, Kansas State and Oklahoma State at home. Maybe, Texas will give them a run for their money in the Red River Shootout. Probably not, but that might be the only way to keep the Sooners from going undefeated.

Baylor +250

Baylor’s offense is just as good as Oklahoma’s. The problem is going to be on defense. So what if Baylor puts up 35 if Oklahoma puts up 42 when the two teams meet this season? Baylor’s still a loser.

Texas +700

The word is out that Charlie Strong is putting together a very competitive team. The sports books are giving the Longhorns a big chance to upset Oklahoma and Baylor for the Big 12 Title.

Kansas State +1000

Kansas State will be very good, like Oklahoma State and TCU, but it won’t be elite like Oklahoma. The truth is that there are only three teams that can win the Big 12 Conference and we’ve written about them already.

Oklahoma State +1200

The fact that Oklahoma State is at 12 to 1 can’t sit well with the Cowboys most popular alumni, oil baron, T. Boone Pickens. Supposedly, Pickens gave $500 million to the school for academics and athletics.

TCU +1500

This is a solid program that could really do some damage in the conference. If any of the Big 3 is sleeping when they play the Horned Frogs, watch out. The team always finds a way to make some noise.

Texas Tech +2800

Tech started 2013 going 7 and 0. Then, reality hit and they lost 5 games in a row. Don’t expect the fast start in 2014 but you can probably expect the same sort of record if not worse.

Iowa State +12500

Iowa State is projected to win 4 games this season: North Dakota State, Toledo, Kansas and West Virginia. Ouch.

West Virginia +8000

West Virginia is an under lay at +8000. It makes no sense they they’d be at lower odds to win the conference than both Kansas and Iowa State. All three are just bad teams.

Kansas +15000

Kansas could end up being the worst team in Division 1 College Football if they lose every game in which they are an underdog. Right now, the prognostications have them winning a total of 2 games.

Big 12 Championship Game: None

Since there isn’t a Big 12 Championship Game this season, the conference trophy winner will be the team that shows up in a few key matchups. Oklahoma battles Baylor at home. That is one key game for both squads. If Baylor can pull off the upset, they should win the conference, but beating the Sooners in Oklahoma? That isn’t likely.

The other key battle is the Red River Shootout. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is brilliant, but he’s going to have a tussle on his hands trying to out manage Charlie Strong. Still, the guess here is that the Sooners prevail.

Pick: Oklahoma Sooners.